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Guest: Dan Clarke - How to Live without a Bank Account

By Keegan Francis | Go Full Crypto | 16 Dec 2020

Have you ever wondered whether or not you can live without a bank account? It turns out you can. A number of people have already accomplished this. Perhaps the most notable person to do so is Andreas Antonopoulos, stating on the Joe Rogan Podcast that he has lived on bitcoin for more than a year, and this was in 2014. Now, in 2020, living without a bank account, or “Going Full Crypto” as we call it, is much easier. There are crypto VISA debit cards that let you spend your crypto. Then there are merchants that just straight up accept cryptocurrency at their stores. For Dan Clarke, living without a bank account has made his life much simpler. As a frequent international traveler, using the traditional banking system becomes expensive. This is a piece of cake for crypto to solve.

Travelling with Crypto

Can cryptocurrency really cut down on travel costs? Absolutely. Cryptocurrency is internet money. Government money is typically confined to the borders it belongs to, save for select world currencies like the USD. Most crypto VISA Debit cards end up waiving a certain amount of international money expenditures, and ATM withdrawal fees. Furthermore, there are tons of ways to earn cashback when you spend your crypto, which is a fine way to save money. When you’re travelling, every penny counts. Dan Clarke prefers to the use the Crypto.com VISA Debit card. Although there are a numerous options out there, this is the one that best suits the needs of Dan. All Dan has in his wallet is his drivers license, some cash, and his Crypto.com card. Cash and Crypto.

From Skeptic to Believer

Dan is a self professed early skeptic of Bitcoin. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t be? The idea of Bitcoin sounds ridiculous. Yet it works, and works well. This is actually the story for many people, they hear of Bitcoin, reject it, and pick it up again some years later when it comes back on their radar. When someone actually has spent the time to understand it, very few of those people will not go on to own it. When it finally clicks for you, you’ll know, because the next thing you prioritize in your life, is acquiring bitcoin. Dan Clarke is no different, after putting in the time to comprehend what the larger system is doing on a planetary system, he was hooked.

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The Go Full Crypto Vision

We want to help people opt-into the world of cryptocurrency, one dollar at a time. In order to do this, people must need a reason. They need their own "why" behind discarding their government currency for the world currency of the future. Go Full Crypto is putting out content to help people discover the reason why they want to get involved in cryptocurrency.

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Keegan Francis
Keegan Francis

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Go Full Crypto
Go Full Crypto

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