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Decentralized Love

By Manyong'oments | Global Facts v2.0 | 10 May 2020

Unrequited love is a knife that cuts beneath the skin, leaving no scars.

A kind of love with unusually high gas fees

I love you, but i do not wish to meet your parents

Love should be decentralized and you are my ERC 20 Token

If meeting your parents means i lose you, i will feel like a non fungible token

Let's make love and lets make Cryptokitties

We shall autobreed assets and rule the district0x

In Aragon we trust and in Blockstack we thrive

The Open Sea is full of possibilities and Cryptozombies shall rule the world

Join me on a journey into the Decentraland

We shall becomes self righteous CEO's of our DAO's

Divorces and Break ups are problems of a centralized love

If we part ways, our nodes shall be separated

Surface dwellers with dark webbed feet cloaked in deep despair

Dat protocol is a work of art and truly experimental

Back to square one and searching through this interplanetary file system

A love built on solidity is only solid as the pragma's version


Poem Breakdown

This will definitely be a confusing poem for many, but do not fear. Allow me to break it down, since i wrote it anyways (original). The poem is using love in a figurative sense, not literal. Most of what i am writing about is about the different Dapps and sites that i have come across. Cryptokitties is a game and autobreed is a feature in the game that allows a player to breed two cryptokitties. District0x and Aragon, are a bit more technical, but in the simplest form, they are services/platforms that can be used by developers to build decentralized applications. Blockstack is a decentralized platform for a decentralized web --users are in control of their data. Open Sea is a decentralized marketplace for cryptoart, NFT's and other digital assets. DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Surface dwellers (surface web), dark webbed (dark web) and deep despair (deep web). Dat protocol only exists on Beaker browser (dat:// instead of https:// ) IPFS- Inter Planetary File System.  The last line about pragma version is about solidity programming language.  

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Global Facts v2.0
Global Facts v2.0

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