Updated News: NBATOPSHOT’s Premium Pack Drops - Delayed!

By UplandDood | NFT Hub | 25 Feb 2021

NBATOPSHOT’s Premium Pack Sales

NBATopShot Premium Pack Sale that was initially scheduled for 9 am PT, 25 February has been delayed.

Updated drop time: 5 pm UTC (9 am PT / 12 pm ET), Friday, 26 February 2021

NBATopShot Premium Pack Drops - Delayed

NBATopShot Premium Pack Drops

What: NBATopShot Premium Pack (Series 2, Drop 1)
  • Pack cost: $99
  • 6 Moments in total per pack
    • 1 x Number-capped Moments: 499 of each Metallic Gold LE in total (Series 2)
    • 5 x Base Set (Series 2)
Who: NBATopShot
How: Due to the overwhelming response to drops, NBATopShot has implemented a queue system to ensure a fair chance for all.


If this is your first time, do read “Explaining the Queue” guide.

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