Success! How I got my first NBATopShot drop

By UplandDood | NFT Hub | 2 Mar 2021

NBATOPSHOT’s Base Pack (Series 2, Release 21) – The Pre-Order

Since showing interest in the NBATopShot a month ago, I’ve had no success in getting a pack due to various reasons. That has changed with the NBA Top Shot’s Base Pack Series 2, Release 21 drops on Saturday, 27 February 2021 at 10 am PST.

I’d written about this drop in “Drop in a few hours! NBATOPSHOT’s Base Pack (Series 2, Release 21)

As with any purchases made online, one of my concerns is the ease of making a purchase. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the whole process was relatively easy and user-friendly.

I got myself to the drop landing page and waited for the countdown to 10 am PT. The page indicated that I’ll be assigned a random place once the pre-order drop begins.

NBATopShot Base Set Series 2, Release 21

The clock counts down and once it's 10 am, I was told “You are now in line”, and there is a progress bar and an indicator of the number of people in front of me.  There was also instruction on what to do once it reaches my turn. I like the nice touch of also including a “Message Last Updated” timer. This tells me whether the number of people in front of me has just been recently refreshed and is current.

NBATopShot Base Set Series 2, Release 21

Once it’s my turn, I click pre-order and it showed that it was “Trying to snag a reservation…” Once I had successfully “snagged” a reservation, a green notice pop-up repeating what I have already known about this pre-order. I guess this was done to inform those who might not have read the pre-order terms and conditions.

NBATopShot Base Set Series 2, Release 21

I closed that green pop-up notice and was presented with an option to continue with my “purchase”.

To be frank, I was confused with this next step. On the one hand, it says “Existing Purchase Pending” but there was a “continue existing purchase” button to click below it. Nevertheless, I clicked to continue with the purchase. The first time I clicked this, it went back to “Trying to snag a reservation…” and landed me on the below page again. This time it was without the green pop-up notice. That was strange. 

NBATopShot Base Set Series 2, Release 21

Not sure what had happened so I tried one more time and this time, it went through and brought me to the payment page. You'll notice that there are a few options to make your payment. Do remember to set this up first before you make your purchase. I'd done that and it did present a smoother experience than to fumble around setting up while doing your first-time purchase.


Checked to make sure all details are in order, then clicked “Confirm Pre-order” and after processing the payment, I was taken back to the NBATopShot page showing my pre-order details. Success!

NBATopShot Base Set Series 2, Release 21

If you clicked the “View My Packs” button, you’ll see your Pre-Order Pack page. Nothing much there except that it shows my pack is Coming Soon.

I look forward to the status update on 6th March and receiving my pack within two weeks’ time.

Simple process and now that I’d gone through it once I look forward to future drops.

Shout out to @Cryptowordsmith who helped me get onboard NBA Top Shot.

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