SANDBOX Public Land Sale is Today!

SANDBOX Public Land Sale is Today!

By UplandDood | NFT Hub | 25 Feb 2021

SANDBOX Public Sale Wave #2

SANDBOX Public LAND Sale #2 in less than 12 hours from now! Previous LAND pre-sales had been sold out in minutes.

Sandbox Public Land Sale

What: SANDBOX Public LAND Sale Wave 2

1,024 regular LANDS will be available for direct on the map purchase.

19 ESTATES in total

  • 6 ESTATES S (3x3) - Direct purchase on the map.
  • 10 ESTATES M (6x6) – 2-day auction
  • 2 ESTATES L (12x12) – 2-day auction
  • 1 ESTATE XL (24 x 24) – 2-day auction
When: 1 pm UTC (5 am PT / 8 am ET), 25 February 2021
How: If this is your first time buying SANDBOX LAND, follow these steps:
  1. Set up your wallet
  2. Get $SAND
  3. Buy LAND on The Sandbox map (Make sure you are there on time!)

Don’t miss the launch of the presale by pre-registering your wallet here:

Current LAND Sale Price Chart

Sandbox Public Land Sale Prices

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