6 PM UTC, 6 March! NBATopShot's Seeing Stars Pack Drops

By UplandDood | NFT Hub | 5 Mar 2021

NBATopShot’s Seeing Stars Common Pack Drops

This is a Time-Sensitive Announcement. The first drop happens in a few hours’ time. Article title will be updated to reflect the next drop time.

One aspect of NBATopShot that has gained my respect and admiration is their eagerness and willingness to make the purchasing process easier for collectors. It is no secret that NBATopShot is one of the hottest card collector’s sites at the moment. Despite the popularity and the profits derived from this, NBATopShot is not letting their guards down and I don’t sense any air of superiority in their attitude towards their customers, the collectors.

This latest drop is another example of their mission to make collecting fun for EVERYONE who plans to make a purchase. The last such a drop was the ‘pre-order drop’ in which I was successful in getting a pack – my very first purchase and pack from NBATopShot. You can read about my experience here - Success! How I got my first NBATopShot drop

Here’s the good news:

NBATopShot Seeing Stars

What: NBATopShot Seeing Stars Drops
  • Pack cost: $14
  • Moments Per Pack: 3 (one of which is a Seeing Stars Moment)
  • Packs Per User: 1

A total of 183,258 packs will be available for this Seeing Stars drop.

Even though there will be 3 different drop times for this pack, each person will only be able to purchase 1 pack.

Who: NBATopShot
  • Drop #1: 5 PM UTC (9 AM PT / 11 PM ET), Friday, 5 March, 2021
  • Drop #2: 1 AM UTC, Saturday, 6 March, 2021 (5 PM PT / 8 PM ET Friday, 5 March, 2021)
  • Drop #3: 6 PM UTC (10 AM PT / 12 PM ET), Saturday, 6 March, 2021
  • Make your way over to NBATopShot Packs Page
  • Wait for the drop time. The Seeing Stars Pack should be visible then. Just click that and follow the purchase instructions.
  • If you were unsuccessful in Drop #1, then try Drop #2, and subsequently Drop #3.
  • New account sign-up has been suspended due to high volume before drops. However, you can try your luck to sign up at NBATopShot

If this is your first time, do read up “Explaining the Queue” guide.

NOTE: There’s a very strong emphasis on those who try to get packs through multi-accounting. Be warned.

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