Working for Yearn (4 months in)

By glennherriott | glennherriott | 22 Feb 2022

It's almost been 4 months that i've been (officially) working at Yearn. It's been fun and chilled. I have some health concerns so I love the flexibility of choosing my hours and taking breaks when it suits me. I've met a number of cool people too, who are happy to help with problems I face and bounce ideas off. I like the culture, everyone is so friendly and approachable.

The main task I do is user support. I like to have a screen open at all times where I can watch Discord so that as soon as a query comes in I can respond immediately. For a company the size of Yearn, with billions in crypto being invested, I really see the value in being able to respond to queries fast. It's simply not good enough if it takes 15minutes+ for someone to get a reply. Users seem happy when they get a fast reply too, unsurprisingly.

I have ambitions to do some travelling and the fact I can work for Yearn from anywhere is really appealing too. Yearn's a DAO, a decentralised autonomous organisation, so it's a flat organisation structure. I find working in this way without a boss really empowering because every day its up to me to brainstorm how I can add value.

In 2022, I started a new additional role for Yearn, helping out with recruitment. We've got a number of open roles we're trying to fill (click here to see) so i'm eager to help with this. I chat with people who complete the onboarding form, giving a good first impression of Yearn and then match them up to the tasks that match their skills. I also have been reaching out across the wider crypto ecosystem sharing these open roles. I enjoy talking to people and having conversations so this is a nice role to have.

Coordinape is how new contributors get paid, where fellow contributors vote for who's been doing work that month. The more votes you receive, the more you get paid. Personally, I find the pay to be fair for the work i'm doing, though the fluctuations month by month aren't great if you have bills to pay. If you are considering getting involved, its probably best to start as a side hustle and then gradually increasing your time commitment. For people who have a good initiative and like getting things done I really recommend getting involved at Yearn and trying to add value. It feels great to be part of a community and we're always keen to see fresh faces join. Here's a recruitment form to complete

I am keen to one day make it as a full time contributor. Currently I do about 5 hours a day watching discord/telegram but I want to increase that to 8 hours so then I can confidently ask to get a fixed salary. I look forward to writing another one of these in 4 months time - hopefully with that news!





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