Innovating for the future of Yearn

By glennherriott | glennherriott | 21 Mar 2022

Lets say we've got unlimited financial resources and we've got time on our hand - what would we do? Obviously we'd go on more chains and do more vaults/strategies. But what else could we do?

The blue pill directs us to look at our inner voice and think about the opportunities we could take and problems we could solve

I would like to open the conversation to see what ideas we've got. After all, the future Yearn really is what we buidl today

Here's some of mine

  • How can Yearn get more TVL? Could we subsidise gas every so often? Perhaps we could pay the $100k or so to feature on Rabbithole, encouraging new deposits.
  • Could Yearn have a deposit button on the site? This would be a way for first-time crypto users to ramp onto Yearn. This is an idea new contributor Ivan (@manvelov) recently shared with me
  • Is there something we could do with Woofy? Perhaps we could set up a group of supporters who help grow a budding NFT community. It could be a fun place to be on discord, with regular games and competitions. Whats stopping us releasing a collection of dog NFTs? They could be for different breeds? This could serve as a funnel for new users and contributors to Yearn.
  • Would Yearn look to work with an off-ramp site so users could do this straight from the site? Perhaps we could integrate with Coinbase so a vault withdrawal could go straight to your fiat bank if you desired
  • Again for new crypto users, could we produce a DeFi guide? Perhaps this could help new users understand how to feel confident and avoid the pitfalls of crypto. This could be a valuable piece of information for the whole industry and could strengthen our reputation
  • How strong is our mission statement? Perhaps we could simplify it and come up with 2 sentences that showcase our purpose and ambition. If contributing to the future of DeFi, and a bankless future aren't strong enough purposes, perhaps we could consider donating a portion of our profits to charity?
  • What about a Contributors survey for the whole industry? We could monitor what's good/bad/needs improvement and help the industry as a whole by directing resources. I know we are good at helping out in the event of crisis?
  • Ok, and a silly one to finish. Who remembers the game flappy bird? How about flying woofy? :) 'Flappy Bird' Creator Promises to Remove Game From App ...

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