Our Website Has Been Launched!!! GKOS2020

By Frank12 | GKOS2020 | 29 May 2020

Hi everyone 

Just a quick post here to update you all on the progress of GKOS2020.  

We are proud to announce that we have created our website and will be adding to it frequently especially in the coming weeks as we have some projects planned.  

What is on the website?

You can see for yourself with this link:


We have a practices page listing the services that we can provide to customers.  These services are:


Website Building

Referral Marketing

Custom Channel Banners

APP Building

Content Creation

Channel Creation


Block chain Development

Logo Design


and many more coming soon.

Meet the team

On the next page "meet the team" you can view each member of our team and see an overview of each of the skills they possess.  We have a highly skilled team each with a diverse set of skills.  More members of the team will be revealed in June 2020, 

Blogs about projects

finally we have a news page on our website where we will be publishing blogs that will mostly be recommending software that we have tested or detailing projects that we have completed.  There is also a contact page for anybody who is interested in any of our services or just has any questions in general about us.  We look forward to hearing from you all.

How you can support us 

As GKOS2020 is funded by blockchain technology and referral marketing the best way you can support us right now is to use our brave referral link to download the brave web browser.  Every download is very much appreciated by everyone at GKOS2020 and hopefully it will allow us to expand our company and complete more projects.  Our referral link here:



Stay safe stay at home


Thanks for reading!!!!

Download the brave web browser for no ads and speeds up to 3x faster than google chrome here:


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GKOS2020 is a start up business created by a team of computer scientists, a solicitor and an accountant. We are funded entirely by blockchain technology and referral marketing. This will be used to document the starting of a small business and the type of projects we will be completing in the future. Thanks for reading.

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