$CRO & Cronos Mainnet Launching on 19 October

$CRO & Cronos Mainnet Launching on 19 October

[sings in the bathtub] If I give my heart to you... [pause] then I'll have none and you'll have two.


Crocodile Dundee on $CRO



In Greek mythology Cronos was the leader of the first generation of Titans, he overthrew his father and ruled during the mythological Golden Age, until he was overthrown by his own son Zeus and imprisoned in Tartarus. [continue on Wikipedia]. I find the choice of this name for the new Crypto.com mainnet quite singular (more info about the mainnet on official blog). An important name that certainly leaves expectations. Let's analyze them!

Although there is currently no comparison between Binance and Crypto.com and therefore it will not be possible to compare the increase of $BNB following its mainnet, I would like to point out a detail on $CRO:


Now to date, $CRO is trading for $ 0.18, out of about $30 billion of CRO, there are already 25 billion in circulation for a market cap of $ 4 billion. The "rival" BNB stands at $ 73,672,896,947 of Marketcap.

Now we have highlighted how there is no comparison with Binance but with the launch of its mainnet, on which I invite everyone to read up on the official website, $CRO appears to be undervalued today and it would not make me jump out of my chair to see it with a market cap similar to that of Dogecoin, that is 30 billion dollars. So will the CRO price hit the dollar anytime soon?


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P.S.: On OpenSea you can find my NFT on $CRO.



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