Unhealthy is the norm, don’t fight it

By gira180 | gira180 | 8 Sep 2020

For almost 2 years now I have been mostly living the Keto lifestyle. It has changed my life completely and I imagine I will continue it, at least for the foreseeable future.

For those not familiar with the Keto lifestyle (ketogenic diet), it is a way of eating that restricts your carbohydrates (grains, sugar etc.). By restricting carbohydrates, and compensating this with moderate protein and getting most of your calories from fat, you are able to burn fat for fuel and get a wide range of health benefits.

Stay in the herd!

For breakfast I normally eat eggs, bacon, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil and a lot of fresh spinach and broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables yet people constantly tell me I should go see a doctor and get myself checked. This has me completely baffled. This never happened to me when I was eating sugary breakfast cereals. This also never happened when I would drink nothing but soda or sugary fruit juice or when I would go days without drinking any water. It absolutely never happened when I was overweight and in bad physical condition. So why now? Why now that I am conscious about what I eat and drink?

I have come to the conclusion that you only get such comments when you behave in a way that is not the norm. Unfortunately the current norm is to be overweight and be oblivious about your health. At the time I am writing this there is a literal epidemic of chronic health diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

For the first time in history more people die from eating too much then from not eating enough.

Most, if not all, of such diseases are the result of ignorance regarding nutrition. Most people don’t know, or even worse, don’t care about what they eat or how it affects them.

Follow the norm

Why do we not warn the mother of the obese eight year old that still gives her kid soda in stead of water? And what about your friends that drink 3 energy drinks a day? Or your colleague that drinks 10 cups of coffee before noon?

Nobody thinks it strange that most ads on television advertise drugs that help you get rid of symptoms of incorrect nutrition? Do you feel bloated after eating to much pizza? Don’t worry, just take this pill and you will be good to go get more pizza. Oh, now you are constipated? No worries, just take this pill. Oh, now your blood pressure is too high? Nothing to worry about just take this pill. Oh, now you get migraines…? This can go on for a while but you get the gist.

Why would you not want to work on getting rid of the cause? Of course, that would mean doing something that is not the norm. It would mean you need to educate yourself, become disciplined and sustain the ridicule and social pressure. You will need to learn and understand what real food is and how your body processes it. You will need to learn to listen to your body. You will need to understand that hunger is not always a signal you need to eat more.

Yes, it is much easier to just take a pill. But no pill will ever cure you.

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