The danger of the microwave mentality and magic beans

By gira180 | gira180 | 17 Sep 2020

We are used to getting instant gratification. We want fast food, instant coffee and on-demand entertainment. But are you setting yourself up for failure in life when you expect instant gratification for your life goals?


Everything we do is instant or super quick. We heat our food in seconds, we can instantly watch movies and listen to music anywhere, we can send messages across the world and get instant responses or order a car ride from any place at any time. So now we expect the same from our life goals.

We see offers like this all the time: “Learn how to become rich in 2 weeks!” or “Get a six pack without doing any exercise!”.  If your reaction is “That is perfect! Sign me up!” then you have what is called a “microwave mentality” and this article is for you!

Magic beans

You are always looking for a quick win or a magic beans. You have unrealistic expectations about what it really takes to build a successful business or what it really takes to change to a healthier lifestyle. As a result you are less open to the options that will actually work for you because you think it takes too much work or too much time.

You have probably already tried a couple of such quick-win options only to find they did not work. Now you are even more likely to not want to try anything else because you think it will just fail again. Does this sound familiar?

Stop fooling yourself

Understand that achieving anything in life will take effort and time. Even the people born with exceptional talents have to put in real effort, many hours of training and practice to reap any benefits.

If you are looking for a quick fix you will fall for fake offers and false promises.

If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is.


You just cannot eat whatever you want and then take some magic pill and have your dream body. You cannot have a successful money making business overnight. Don’t expect big results in a short time or with minimal effort. Your expectations will not be met and they will result in disappointments. Yes, we all know examples of someone that made it big seemingly overnight. But these examples are far and few and even then, in most of those cases a lot of time and effort went into it that you may not be aware of.

Changing your mindset

I hope you now see the danger of the microwave mindset. If you are looking for a quick fix for your life or you are not doing anything because you are waiting for that one opportunity to make a home run then you really need to change your mindset. I you don’t you will keep spending money on the wrong things, you will not advance from where you are right now and you may even end up damaging your health!

Accept the fact you will need to put in effort to get ahead in life. Accept the fact that you will need to take consistent action even if the results will be zero or very small at first.

Reap what you sow

Once you understand that there should not be an instant gratification you see the process is like sowing seeds in a field. The seeds will not grow into plants overnight and you would be a fool to expect them to. For a long time you cannot see any growth above ground. You don’t give up because you know your crops need to grow roots first. It just means you keep working the field, you remove weeds, you make sure your crops get enough water and you keep the birds and bugs away until you can finally harvest. So in conclusion, don’t try to buy magic beans that will grow overnight because that only happens in fairy tales.

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