Top 5 DAI Stablecoin News You Are Likely To Miss [DAI]

Top 5 DAI Stablecoin News You Are Likely To Miss [DAI]

By SabineTheQueen | GimmeFive | 31 May 2020

Hi little girls, little boys! The time has come, to shock of many to get back to stablecoins! My latest stablecoin article was about USDT - make sure to check it here!


The dollar-equal coin I will try to talk about today is the DAI Stablecoin. CoinMarketCap, at the time I write this article, Lists Multi-collateral DAI at 56th place according to cryptocurrency market cap. The price is now 0.985932 US Dollar.


Maybe some news, baby?

5. Erasure Protocol

Recently I got to know the biggish value of DAI is staked on Erasure. DAI is not the only coin staked on it. Head on to this tweet to find out more:


4.How to Make a loan - renBTC

Here is tutorial related to WrappedBTC. The author presents the ability to make a loan in DAI. The video aso shows interesting things about Zcash and one secret currency. It is a big chance you will make use of it, this way or another.


3. MakerDAO voting poll

Guys, they stand up for really important issue! Make sure you check it out and pick the opportunity to drop a unique vote. Make changes in protocol one of your powers!

MakerDao Voting


2. dForce Trading

Great initiative here! You can transfer stablecoins and more! Enjoy!


And the prize goes to...


1.Game rewards in DAI

We made it! These guys are so dope. Giving out DAI for some gaming stuff! Check that hottie quickly!


A bunch of thanks for you to comin' this far, DAI lovers!




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