Top 5 Basic Attention Token & Brave News You Are Likely To Miss [BAT]

Top 5 Basic Attention Token & Brave News You Are Likely To Miss [BAT]

By SabineTheQueen | GimmeFive | 28 May 2020

Hi my funny, bearishy fibonacciees! Guys today we run in a nice play, because this is the token which devours market's basic attention! 

And on Publish0x it is a crypto you receive your tips in! 


Basic Attention Token's main focus is the Brave Browser, which it runs with really good results. It also makes it progress by adding features - to name a few - like brave rewards - a opportunity for internet surfers to earn BAT while watching ads - and Brave Creators - the program for content creators to earn BAT for their work.

Brave Browser's Token is now listed as 32 by market cap according to CoinMarketCap. The price of a single BAT token, at the time when this article is written, is a little over 0.21 US Dollar.

These were the facts, now let me introduce the news:


5. BAT Enormous Correlation

On a crypto market there was a drop related to corona that wasn't best for the bitcoin hodlers. However, the market researches found out what's surprising. Along with bitcoin, there was a similar movement on Chainlink and Zcash - which I written the article last time you can definitely check out here. To the bigger WOW, Basic Attention Token also moved likewise!

If you want to know more just click:

Chainlink, Zcash tumble as BAT moves sideways


4. Running Video Calls

Brave is actually in the 'making of' phase of encrypting and testing Video Calls. They are believed to run it so big, that they can compete with Zoom Video Calls! The feature is to be the part of the browser as an additional extention. The options will be varied, also will include call through Twitter. The brave also created a separate name for the project, so it is called Brave Together.

More info here:

Brave Launches Unlimited Encrypted Video Calls to Compete with Zoom


3. Tezos and CoinList

It seems these guys kinda like each other...

..aren't they??


2. Play It Forward LIVE

This is a campaign followed by the Usher live concert. They set it off to support small businesses. Life2k2 encourage you to click for the image on twitter, so you can gain some freebies!



Dear Bears, here we come!


1. Free BAT Airdrop

Here it is! ExtStock Exchange provides you with a chance for free BAT tokens! All you have to do is some easy stuff including sharing/liking thing! Boom! 10 BAT! Farewell!



Basically, thanks for the attention, brave lions!


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