Rollercoin: 65% Off On Everything (Updated)

By Ghous | ghous | 14 Aug 2020

Hi there fellas. How are you all doing? I hope in good health and spirit.

I am writing this article to share this wonderful news that came as a surprise to me also. I have written about rollercoin before also and mentioned previously how it is one of my favorite sites to mine cryptos fast and in a fun way .

So rollercoin just announced a 65% sale on all miners available on the site. As explained before in rollercoin you can play small games to get mining power and the more you play the faster it mines. There is another option to buy miners with in the site for a constant income incase you don’t play daily. That is where this sale comes in

65% sale on rollercoin

The picture above shares 3 of the best miners on site. They are also included in discount of you buy them during the sale that lasts on 24/08/ 2020.
I have already purchased 2 Dream Demolisher 3000 and one of each other gold miners. I am planning to buy some more miners before the sale ends. Currently these miners give me a collective power if around 200 TH/S. I don’t invest on crypto sites easily but after my experience with rollercoin, I have no issues putting more money and getting more profits.

So far, in 7 weeks that I have been using Rollercoin, I have mined 1000 Doge coins, .0053Bitcoins and 0.007 Ethereum. All this just by playing games 😃😍.

Another good news is you get an extra 10% if you buy the RLT token using Ethereum 

Now that I have purchased the miners from the profit I made on Rollercoin, I am sure that my income will increase and even by spending less time on the site I will have a steady profit.

If you have already joined the platform, I recommend buying some miners to have a constant income. If you haven’t joined already, now is the best time to use the below link to signup and avail the best possible discount. Also by using the below link, you will get a small amount of bitcoin to buy racks. These racks are used to place the miners.

Even if you don’t buy the miners, there is still lots of money to be made just by playing games. How cool is that??😎.
Do let me know if you need anymore information about this platform.

Until next time....

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