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By Ghous | ghous | 31 Mar 2021


Well well well, look who is back? It is me 😜🤗

It has been a while since I wrote on Read.Cash, particularly because I have been super busy with work and also I am using Noise.Cash for frequently. It has been more than three months for me at Noise.Cash and like my mcdonald’s meal, I am Loving it 😜😂

I have never used Twitter in my life and have seen people saying that Noise.Cash is like twitter which pays you for posting quality content. let me take you on my experience with Noise.Cash



For me Noise.Cash is like any other social media platform except I get paid for my time and effort at this platform. It is an easy to use website with many people sharing valuable information and enlightening the crowd. Of course there are spammers but overall it is very legit and robust platform with counters the violations effectively



In just over three months that I have been a member of Noise.Cash, I have gathered around six hundred followers with numbers increasing in daily basis. My strategy to keep them entertained is to have high quality and effective posting at about every three hours. This helps me keep my timeline recent without spamming it with multiple posts at once. The followers get enough time to see or read the post and absorb the information. Another strategy is to interact on quality posts with productive thoughts and even constructive criticism. This not only helps me but also others who actually want to get better.



So Noise.Cash gives you free tips daily with a slider that can be set on how much percentage goes to the author and how much to the tipper. While tipping, I see the quality of the posts and then decide what percentage they deserve. I usually select 0.05$ and then adjust the slider. For anyone commenting on my posts, I always tip around 0.005$ BCH or more with regular comments getting even 0.01$ BCH. Tipping small amounts rather than big chunks is my way of helping the Bitcoin Cash as each tip is a transaction no matter how small 🤗 #BCH



One cool option that Noise.Cash has is what is called as renoising. So basically if you like someone’s post, you can renoise it with or with your comments. The tips that renoised post get are shared between the original author and the renoiser with 80% going to author and the rest to renoiser. For me, I rarely renoise any posts as I have my original content to share.



As mentioned before the platform is very easy to use with options to post a picture or multiple pictures and with or without text. For me two hours is a healthy posting time and I like to share my photography on Noise.Cash platform. I do random posting also about crypto market updates and other greeting stuff etc. I usually love it when I see my posts getting renoised as it gives me a sense of accomplishment 🤗


Final words

Having shared with you the basics of how the platform works and how I have been using it effectively, I believe I have done my part and now it is your turn to buckle up and spread the word. For me, Noise.Cash has made sure that I don’t spend anytime on instagram and snapchat😀

Do let me know about your experience and what do you think about my strategy...🤟🤗





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