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Hi there fellas. How have you all been? I hope in good health and spirit.

Today I am going to write about fireworks. I guess we all have seen fireworks at least once in our lives as they are very common. They are usually used during celebrations 🎉 and we see them every year at the new year celebrations as the governments spend a lot of money to entertain their public.They are beautiful but dangerous at the same time, that is why they are usually fired up in open spaces or in the sea, away from the people.

In Qatar, the national day is celebrated on 18th of December every year and there is a big and beautiful fireworks display for the public. Last year I had a chance to take my camera and snap some pictures.

Fireworks 1

They come in all shape and sizes 😜 and usually change colors as they blow up in the skies

Fireworks 2

Usually they are noisy but the colors lightening up the sky compensates for that.

Lit up sky

Usually they mix them up and try to create a wonderful show for the audience

Blue fireworks

It was really hard to capture photos of fireworks during nighttime as they vanish quickly once fully blown, so timing had to be perfect.

Evenly distributed fun

Usually they take a small pause during the show and people start to think that it has finished, but then they just fireup the big guns 😂

Fireworks covering the sky

I got to admit, fireworks are fun and I love them, I am sure you guys too, but look at the noise and air pollution they cause. Do you this it is worth it? Do tell me in comments what are your views about #fireworks.
I really hope you like the photography.

Until next time.....



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