Some thoughts and experience of street photography (Shot & Travel Part II)

I worked as a short term photographer for a magazine as I wrote in my previous article

After Bursa, I went back to Istanbul where I live. We choose Eminönü for the next issue of the magazine. Eminönü is a famous and historical district and visited often by tourists.


One of the difficulties of street photography is not being able to interfere with the subject and people . You have to think fast, your eyes should keep looking left and right. As I walked the streets of Eminonu like a hippy, I saw a thoughtful looking old man. I took pictures of him a few times. Then the man realized that I was taking his picture, and he gave me a disgraceful glance and entered the crowded street.


Then I walked along the Golden Horn for a while, this time I came across a little immigrant girl. I think she was from Syria and she looked unhappy too. She was sitting there alone a few feet from his family


I think street photography isn't just about sadness or negative emotions. We can also find hope, happiness or surprise. However, I never use anyone to capture these moments. Maybe seagulls, huh ?


I continued to walking in the historical district of the Eminonu. In front of the mausoleum of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid I, two men were looking inward as if they were watching a football game.


Finally, I went to Sirkeci Train Station, which is one of the symbols of the city. I saw a cute and gigantic big dog that remained calm among passengers, attendants, and tourists walking in a hurry. The dog looked tired. I sat on the ground to catch dog's gaze but I can't say I'm doing very well about this photo


This was my Eminonu adventure. For those who are wondering, let me say: I took the photos with Canon 5dMarkII and use Canon 24-105 lens.

I will tell stories from other cities in a different article. Stay with love.

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