Will you buy at 47.000$?

After a month of generous rise for the market, Bitcoin is beginning to position itself at a high of the year, Ethereum is close and the main market currencies can be seen in green and close to or exceeded their maximum of 2022.

The foundations of a new maximum are beginning to be seen and all the technical analyzes seem to indicate that it is going to happen. I have even seen articles about the possibility that Ethereum, which is breaking resistances one after another, could overtake Bitcoin.

The context that invites us to believe in optimism is taking place and it is normal because the fear of strong inflation is a fact, the adoption of a new generation of discoverers of potential, the volatility of many fiduciary currencies and some other factor that, as we already say, it invites optimism.

But the macroeconomic context gives us other clues that may offer resistance to that theory since we are at a time of rising interest rates that for large portfolios may mean a lack of liquidity to allocate to Bitcoin and for small investors any minimum Cutting your rents also usually means a lack of liquidity.

With this and everything, it is always good to be aware of all the articles and other information that can mark us a good entry point to try to take advantage if you go short. Only the fair and necessary risk, remember that I am not an expert investor and the only good advice I can give you is that you do not invest money that you need, only the money that you can afford to spend without recovering. Well yes, I can give you another good tip, pizzas, hamburgers and a lot of home delivery, I'm sure you can afford to miss it!


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Cryptoworld by The Crazy Dude

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