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To make it short I could tell you that you may earn a lot of money with this but probably most you will lose all your money by paying attention to the first crazy person you read writing things on the internet.

So for you scroll and give me my tip without reading more, I will tell you that I am not going to give you a list of currencies to invest and get rich.

The only thing I can do for you, and for sure I tell you that it is the best thing that nobody can tell you, is to tell you to always do your own research and search so much and so thoroughly that you are convinced that you would bet your life on it (luckily only you are going to play the money you can afford to lose).

Once it is clarified that you are going to have to work on it if I tell you that if you start buying shit without having Bitcoin and Ethereum, it means that you have not done your job well (since I am very much from Liverpool despite being Spanish, you will never walk alone, I already failed Before you). And yes, I failed because I didn't do my job well, we're neither good nor bad, I just didn't do it and I bought what seemed interesting to me after chatting for two hours with a friend who did his job. Yes, you guessed it, I copied his work. Although it is not a bad idea to start from a starting point that is an analysis of another, the error is always in the same place, laziness. If after having appropriated their ideas and knowledge, I had made an in-depth study of what I was buying and a subsequent follow-up, I would have obtained a good benefit. But that didn't end well because I just waited to wake up one day and see that I had become a millionaire, which obviously didn't happen.

What I am here to tell you today, and it is only for those who have read this far, is that the "pottage" for me is between $24,000 and $38,000 for Bitcoin. And having said that, although it seems like a very wide range, you already know that once you choose a value to invest in and you have done the study of the fundamentals, you must make a staggered investment.

Buying at 38k is not a bad option but it can go down to 30k, up to 27k and even up to 24k and 21k, so you shouldn't do like me if you get carried away with what you read and you should seriously follow up on what is? how does it work? and all kinds of news about Bitcoin. 

If you have any extra money after buy at 38k, protect your loses at 30k, 27k, 24k and then finally at 21k (imagine the BEST, be ready for the worst), you can study any metaverse or gaming company. This is next boom i think cause we now on an early stage of adoption and will become mainstream.

Do not forget to follow all my advice  if you want to lose your wife because you have put the rent money in "coins that are worth cents but can be worth thousands of dollars"




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The Crazy Dude
The Crazy Dude

I am interested in this new era we are coming into. Will post all the interesting things i´ll found. My English is garbage I know, your prejudices too, in case you didn't know.

Cryptoworld by the crazy dude
Cryptoworld by the crazy dude

Initial advice for people who start their journey in this field, conspiracy news and personal thougts. Do not forget to follow all my advice if you want to lose your wife because you have put the rent money in "coins that are worth cents but can be worth thousands of dollars"

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