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The world is going to adopt cryptocurrencies, The Crazy Dude dixit.

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The world is going to adopt cryptocurrencies sooner rather than later and the proof is there. No matter how many voices are raised against it and despite all the failed projects, it is becoming increasingly clear. It is at this time of crisis in the sector that it is clearer to me because the big players are positioning themselves.

Between the crash of LUNA and that of 3AC several disastrous news were intertwined such as the dubious movements of WAVES through its founder to avoid a USDN depeg. Another big bad news came from Celsius, which decided to freeze withdrawals on its platform due to a clear lack of liquidity. In addition, they have been in charge of hiring a team of advisers in the face of the possibility of bankruptcy.

-Hey Dude, that doesn't sound like adoption!-
I know guys, I like to keep you baffled!

What is going to sound like adoption to you is that Goldman Sachs, those mobsters who buried the traditional financial system in misery, who did it premeditatedly and led to a bank bailout in many countries... well, that mafia that has the support of their homeland (republicans or democrats govern, it doesn't matter), they are interested in becoming owners of the fall of Celsius.

Why is it going to be good news that these people put their dirty hands in this sector?

I have not said that it will be good news, what I have said is that it is adoption news and a clear sign that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Company four years ago said that cryptocurrencies were a fad and that they would disappear soon, (haha, soon you have put your tail between your legs).

It is a clear sign that they are going to stay and a step towards centralization, so the news has a sweet side and a bitter side. But as we all know they will be able to control the inputs and outputs, but not the blockchain.

I will be very attentive to future adoption news but I think this is the definitive test. These people bundled extremely high-risk mortgages into batches with the highest-rated ones to pass off the bundle as safe mortgages and get rid of them. That move caused a global banking crisis that ended with the economic rescue of many governments (USA, Spain among others) to the Bank. If these are not authorized criminals, it is because I did not understand very well what happened. But knowing that they are “rulers of the world”, it is clear that their change in stance towards cryptocurrencies is great adoption news.


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