RARI to the moon??

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I have had a fewRarible token in my portfolio for some time now. It has been in the red practically since I bought it, but as expected, it has bottomed out and is beginning to recover. In fact tonight he has peaked at $10.82 and has broken the $10 barrier again to drop a bit to around $9.3 right now. It seems that the market is stabilizing with the maximum reached tonight but what I think after following the token for a while is that this price is the base of a series of very strong increases before the market corrects itself.

RARI is the governance DAO token of the marketplace for the creation and sale of NFTs. That is why I believe that this will have a hype associated with the extra cost of some of these and then there will be a subsequent fall and resurgence with an intrinsic value, either due to the added value (attendance at events, etc.) or due to its real value (hours of qualified work , etc).
I have no doubts about the potential of NFTs, what makes me suspicious is that the entry of people into the market and with the desire to get rich in a week is going to cause many scams and millionaire losses to many people, or I think so.

Remember that this is not investment advice and I am not, of course, an expert investor.

I leave you below the image of the prices extracted from CoinMarketCap at 10:00 +1 GMT

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Then the image of the prices extracted from Coinbase 15:30 GMT +1

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