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My acknowledgment to other authors 2/2

Hey, I'm here again! Yes, the crazy dude who writes stuff on the internet!

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In order not to make the previous post very long, I decided to write this second part. I would like to make it clear that I am doing this in an attempt to generate interaction between the authors, but I will inform many of them after writing the post. It is not a premeditated move by us, but an attempt on my part to bring you closer to many of the authors that I follow.

I'd also like to spark some of the readers' interest in becoming an author because as I've said, I think Publish0x would benefit from more diverse content. So next I will introduce you to the post authors that are not usually related to crypto.

First of all, I have to mention Rachabel, a university graduate who loves reading, writing, and translation. I recently discovered her but I like the way she writes and her last post is fascinating

To continue, I present to you Ship Shard, a full-cycle video producer that I recently discovered. In his profile, you can find almost daily content about music, video production, and personal experiences.

If you like photography, Namkeza's recently created blog may be of interest to you. Namkeza is a big crypto and blogging enthusiast who I hope will continue to post and help us grow.

I have to admit that I have looked for some of the above specifically for this post since it is difficult to find authors who dare with another type of content other than the crypto world. Now we go with the topic that we all have in common, I leave you a few crypto content authors.

crypto newbie mom had an interesting rollercoaster ride into the world of crypto and wants to share her story. She is new to the platform but always interacts with other authors and shares her discoveries.

excelencia is a person interested in a lot of things all at once: cryptokosmos, affiliation, web building, privacy, blogging, and many others for sure. Is the author of TheDailyStatsSeries as well as a community contributor from other platforms like Twitter. 

Steve Hodl is a Blogger and Investor who publishes daily content that interests me, especially about Hive and several of his dAPPs.

PVMihalache is one of the heavyweights of this and several platforms. Surely for many, it is not a discovery but it is also certain that those who still do not know him will thank me.

Heruvim78 is a writer, gamer, and healthcare professional who doesn't need any introductions. Quality content. Another heavyweight.

LeftFooted is a left-footed duck that loves writing. He writes about cars, watches, craft beer and, you've guessed it, crypto. Interesting and quite active content on Publish0x.

I could continue for a while and bring you a few authors that I find as interesting as these, but those of you who are getting to know me already know that I like to have a shorter style of posts. So I'm going to leave it here, for now, I hope it has been useful to you.


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