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Hey, I'm here again! Yes, the crazy dude who writes stuff on the internet!

I am the first one who likes to break the rules and you can believe me, I have done it almost all my life. If a rule does not fit into my head, it seems unfair or outdated for me, it is most likely that I will decide not to abide by it.

Although it is more interesting for many than the real reason, this post is not about my life breaking the law. This post is about feelings. Before you go out... It's not a romantic movie!!!

If it's still not for you, thanks for visiting and don't forget to leave a tip at the end!

When a person starts investing with no knowledge (I am that person, maybe you too), all the information you find usually comes with a disclaimer. Something like that:

I am not an investor and this post is for information only, in no case is it investment advice.

They can also put that the investment involves a high risk and a lot of red lights warning of danger.

Okay, let's suppose that so many checks, captchas and spam have made your brain ignore these windows and not receive that information. By continuing to inform yourself, you will find many gurus (many know little more than what you can find on the Internet by yourself) who give all kinds of information, but all or almost all agree on one point: Invest only the money you can afford to lose.

That is why this post is about feelings and I hope it gets into your head and keep tattoed into your brain.

Feelings are like sunglasses with colored lenses (those toy ones that were bought for children in the '90s). If you wear glasses with orange glass, the world is orange and if you wear glasses with pink lenses, the world is pink. But it turns out that if you take them off the world has not changed and remains as it was, the only thing that has changed is your perception of the world.

If you (we had made it clear that you had no investment knowledge) find information on each and every one of the sites you visit warning you of the risk, and you decide to break the rules because you wear glasses with "the eye of the tiger" or because you have a premonition... I advise you that the rule that you woukd skip is not that one.

I have no idea about investment and I want to become financially independent and stop working every day to cover my expenses, but with investment my strategy is not to earn as much as possible in the shortest possible time. I'm not saying that I'm not interested in that strategy, it's just that I'm not willing to take the risk that it entails for me.

To take that step I think I need more capital to invest (lose/spend could be synonyms in this case) and much more technical and market knowledge.

Now, as a good rookie, the only thing I do is buy the quantities of the projects that I think can give me benefits. I try to find that project that I like, I look for technical analyzes made by other people and I look for an entry price and an exit price (with the idea of ​​winning short in anticipation of a price rally). Since most of the time I don't get the prediction right, I am forced to hold my coins until they reach the starting price.

I know, that's not a strategy, it's doing what you can. If you are correct in your prediction there is no problem, but if some fundamental that you had no information about spoils a trade, I ask you something...

Would you rather have your life savings on the line or have the displeasure of losing some (what you can afford to lose)?

Hey, remember that you can fool me, even a lot of other people, but trying to fool yourself is useless. I know that no one wants to lose and that most of us can not even afford to miss the bus, but I tell you something, the investment will give you more than Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime.

I'm already making it too long for my liking, so I'll say goodbye clarifying one last thing. I do not advise you for your own benefit, I advise you for the benefit of everybody. If you keep screwing around with your crypto purchases, at least own up to your mistakes and don't throw shit at the community because it's your fault. Kisses!

Do not forget to follow all my advice if you want to lose your wife because you have put the rent money in "coins that are worth cents but can be worth thousands of dollars"


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I am interested in this new era we are coming into. Will post all the interesting things i´ll found.

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Cryptoworld by the crazy dude

Initial non financial advice for people who start their journey in this field, conspiracy news and personal thougts. Do not forget to follow all my advice if you want to lose your wife because you have put the rent money in "coins that are worth cents but can be worth thousands of dollars"

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