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Are you crying for your losses?

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We knew that the economic news would not be good. Is something we knew that this year 2022 would bring. Yesterday the bulls expected a drop in the consumer price index confirming that inflation had reached its peak, but the news were a disappointment for them. CPI growth has stalled but is not down as much as expected.

Add this to the length of the war in Ukraine and the economic stagnation in the Eurozone, and the resulting cocktail is a bear market.

Last year you could read articles, which put the most inexperienced in context, in which they spoke of stagflation. 

Now that the worst predictions of the past are coming true, there are several situations among people who have cryptocurrencies in greater or lesser amounts.

I have much less than I would like and it is not out of fear or because I do not want to get rich tomorrow. It is simply that my economic situation does not allow me to invest more than what I have invested. And that's why I think many people are now overwhelmed or even in serious trouble, because just like me right now I have the feeling that I'm missing something by not being able to buy €10,000 of crypto now, at some point there were people who were in same situation, did not know or did not want to understand that they could not invest that figure or even more.

That is why it is very good to know the theory, but it is best to always put it into practice:

Invest only the money you can afford to lose.

Obviously nobody wants to loose even knowing it  can happen. Look, I make it very easy, every time I can afford a whim, I spend half of what I had planned and the other half in crypto. In the end I usually regret not putting it all into crypto because half of the whims end up unused in a storage room and most cryptos were growing for a long time until this month. But when i look now to my account i dont have the same feeling that when i look my storage room because my portfolio dont seems to me like wasted money.

Do not forget to follow all my advice if you want to lose your wife because you have put the rent money in "coins that are worth cents but can be worth thousands of dollars"








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Cryptoworld by The Crazy Dude

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