This List Of Instant Pay Cryptocurrency Faucets Let's You Get As Much Free Crypto As You Want!

This list of instant pay cryptocurrency faucets let's you get as much free cryptocurrency as you want, it all depends on how much effort your willing to put in!


All of the sites bitcoin earning websites listed on have been tested and vetted by our community and each one of the faucets shown below pay you instantly into your Faucet Pay micro wallet.

Most of these sites have about a five minute timer, so you can run down the list and simply input your faucet pay email address or wallet address into each one of the websites and by the time you have completed the list you will be able to start again from the top.

You can basically sit there and claim from all of these sites over and over, as many times as you can be bothered to do, if your willing to put in the effort over time these small bits of coins can really start to add up in value.

Each one of these free coin sites will send you small amounts of crypto directly into your faucet pay wallet.

Once you have completed your claim the money is then in your own wallet, there is no waiting for a minimum payment amount and the transaction can't be reversed, the coins are yours to spend.

This is a great way to build up some free cryptocurrency without having to spend any of your own money, and if you use this money to invest in low cap coins or POS coin mining you could possibly end up with some decent amounts of money in a few years time.




Faucet Pay allows you to convert coins instantly and for virtually no fees, you can accept instant bitcoin payments on your websites, it has some amazing gambling games, hundreds of faucets and earning websites to explore, a generous referral program and much much more.

To increase your earnings, you can convert your small bits of coins to TRON and stake them using Atomic wallet to earn 5%+ profit yearly.

Once you are staking a few thousand TRX coins you should start receiving at least 1 or 2 coins daily in profit which you can restake daily, this means you will now be earning 5% yearly but compounded daily which becomes much, much higher yearly profits.

By staking TRON (TRX) , this will let you create a small passive income from POS coin mining - i created a short tutorial on how to do this here.

These are the best paying faucets online and allow you to claim as much free cryptocurrency as you want, it all comes down to how much effort you put in and how you invest your earnings. is a list of all the tested bitcoin earning websites, so far we have nearly 100 different crypto earning websites and tools and if you put the effort in you can earn up to $300 USD monthly in cryptocurrency by working all of these websites daily!

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