How To Mine BFG Tokens Using Free Credits - Earn Passive Income Without Investment

Today i wanted to show everyone have to mine BFG tokens using only free credits, this will allow you to earn a small passive income without investment.


BFG tokens run on the Bet Fury gambling platform and allow you to get a share of the websites daily profit, paid automatically into your account each day.

This new gambling website is becoming very popular, it has some amazing games and prizes and one of the best features of this website is the free coin faucet that gives you 1800 Satoshi each day to gamble with which can be used to generate the BFG tokens using a simple technique.

The way to mine BFG tokens is to gamble on the website, you earn small bits of the BFG tokens for each bit of bitcoin or tron coin you gamble.

So in this article i wanted to show everyone how to easily generate a steady stream of BFG tokens by using the auto betting feature on the dice game and only free credits from the faucet.

If we take a look at the picture below, i have highlighted the important parts.


You can visit the free btc box page every 20 mins or so and get 25 satoshi for free, up to 1800 satoshi each day.

Next, visit the dice page, and click on the auto bet option and then set the bet to the minimum amount, 1 satoshi.

Above the dice game you will see the "fast button" - Check this option also, as it will make the bets perform much quicker and allow you to mine tokens faster.


One you have chosen your settings, click start. The system will now bet over and over automatically, and with a 49% win ratio you can bet for hours with only 50 or 100 satoshi.

If you click on your balance located in the top right hand corner you can see all of your tokens including the BFG tokens.. you can watch your balance increase in real time while your betting.

The longer you keep the bet going, the more tokens you can mine.

This is a simple way to keep bets running for days and weeks, generating and mining the BFG tokens, all without investing any money :)


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