Here Are 3 Ways To Earn Cryptocurrency With The Publish0x System
Here Are 3 Ways To Earn Cryptocurrency With The Publish0x System

The Publish0x platform is one of the easiest ways for users to earn cryptocurrency - so today i thought i would show you 3 ways to earn crypto with this blogging platform.

There are 3 main ways you can earn cold hard crypto on Publish0x.. by writing articles, by reading articles then tipping the authors, and by referring users to the platform via your referral link.

When you write articles on Publish0x, users have the ability to tip you. The user earns cryptocurrency by tipping you, so they are incentivized to do so. The more tips the receive, the more BAT tokens you will receive.

If your article becomes popular, it can be shown on the popular and trending pages which will earn you even more BAT tokens.

For users who can't write articles, the easiest way for you to earn cryptocurrency is by simply reading peoples articles and then tipping them. You can decide what % of the tipping fee you want to go to the author, and what percentage to yourself.

There is of course a limit on how many articles you can tip each day, but if your interested in cryptocurrency and want to learn more about it this is a fantastic place to get started while also earning yourself some cryptocurrency at the same time.

Here is what happens when you send a tip, i did a 50/50 split:



And finally, one of the best ways to earn money on this website is by referring users to Publish0x.

You will earn every time your users tip or write articles, for the lifetime of the user. All you need to do is send users to the website using your referral link, and you can even link to any article on the platform with your referral code attached and be credited when a new user signs up.



This could potentially earn some very good passive income if you could refer enough users and they were active on the site, since it's a lifetime referral program.


Click here to create your account on Publish0x and start earning crypto!


Reviews and information on cryptocurrency exchanges.


Here i will list different ways to get free cryptocurrency.

Send a $0.01 microtip in crypto to the author, and earn yourself as you read!

20% to author / 80% to me.
We pay the tips from our rewards pool.