GetBlock Partners with NEM to Enable Node Support for XEM

By GetBlock | GetBlock | 27 Jan 2021

We are excited to announce a new partnership between NEM or the so-called Smart Asset blockchain and GetBlock, a node service provider. From now on, an individual developer or a company who wants to integrate the XEM technology into their dApp can use the GetBlock service instead of running full nodes on their own, saving time and money on hardware issues, manual configuration, node synchronization, and so on.

To start using the XEM node and more than 40 other cryptocurrencies’ nodes, you have to register an account on GetBlock and get a free API key in your account.

GetBlock is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that provides a fast and easy API connection to full nodes from many leading blockchain platforms via REST, JSON-RPC, and WebSockets. The ultimate goal of the project is to ensure cost-effective tools and infrastructure that will help developers to build high-quality blockchain applications faster.

NEM evolved in March 2015 as a fork-out version of the NXT, another popular blockchain-based virtual currency and payment network platform. NIS1 is NEM’s original blockchain platform which offers flexible and customizable solutions through simple, yet powerful, built-in features. With the upcoming launch of the Symbol platform from NEM, the team has taken their extensive learnings from the NIS1 network to redefine what blockchain solutions look like for the next generation of global business.

Users of the GetBlock service can connect the XEM node to their app using the JSON RPC API method, which ensures a convenient way to interact with the NEM blockchain. The API connection allows developers to monitor the on-chain information, as well as to forget about manual configuration and constant maintenance of the relevance of the data. Information on statistics and parameters for the XEM node is displayed on the website in real-time.

How to set up the XEM node?

Once you registered on GetBlock and received a personal API key, you can start making requests to the XEM node like this:

article image

Now that you’ve started issuing requests, your dashboard will start gathering the info on the XEM node performance and API usage.

All the necessary documentation that will help you get started with the GetBlock nodes API can be found in the user account.

Partnership Goals

The partnership between GetBlock and NEM stands for the additional support to XEM as GetBlock provides a turnkey infrastructure solution that allows anyone to connect to the full node and focus on product development without worrying about troubleshooting, network updates, and constant syncing. It empowers developers across the NEM ecosystem, significantly reducing the tension involved in interfacing with the network.

Furthermore, NEM is about to launch Symbol (XYM), the next-generation enterprise-grade blockchain solution, purpose-built for Enterprise adoption, and the GetBlock team has already started their research on adding the XYM node to the platform.


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GetBlock is a service that provides developers with a fast and easy API connection to full nodes of 40+ blockchains, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), among others.


GetBlock is a service that provides a fee-free connection to blockchain nodes of the most popular cryptocurrencies. We support such tools like JSON-RPC, REST, and WebSockets, which facilitates direct synchronization with the blockchain.

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