GetBlock Offers Custom zkSync Nodes for Airdrop Management

By GetBlock | GetBlock | 14 Jun 2024

As the ZK token airdrop gets closer, GetBlock takes measures to support crypto enthusiasts who participate in it. It offers free private zkSync RPC nodes that can be used to claim airdrop quickly. Due to high activity, network congestion is expected, but GetBlock users will avoid such issues.

GetBlock zkSync nodes help participants obtain ZK without issues

All large blockchain airdrops, with hundreds of thousands of participants, lead to highly increased blockchain network usage. Therefore, performance can fall drastically, and transactions can take much more time than expected, so participants can lose efficient deals.

That’s why GetBlock, being a large blockchain node provider, offers free custom zkSync nodes for all participants. With them, network issues can be avoided, as they’ll use the resources of these nodes. It guarantees the transaction speed and stability required to obtain tokens quickly and then use or trade them.

The right instruments are what can make a difference here, providing instant airdrop access. Even ten minutes matter here, as prices can fluctuate quickly. So, with GetBlock nodes, it’s possible to get the maximum benefit.

Custom zkSync RPC nodes stay when the public infrastructure is overloaded

To get them, users can register on GetBlock and access their dashboard. Once here, they’ll see the list of available endpoints, with the current request balance. Free plans offer 40,000 requests per day, which is more than enough for airdrop claiming. 


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So, they can locate zkSync nodes below and generate URL address of their node. This address must be connected to the wallet, such as MetaMask, where the token will be delivered. Most of the wallets supports quick endpoint connection in their interfaces.

GetBlock CEO Arseniy Voitenko says about the previous success in helping participants of ARB and STRK airdrops and invited zkSync participants to join GetBlock.

After two years in development, the most anticipated retroactive airdrop in crypto history - zkSync - is finally confirmed. Despite the wave of criticism from the zkSync community, we’re always ready to deliver premium-class infrastructure for promising networks. Previously, we offered similar solutions for ARB and STRK distributions, and many crypto enthusiasts managed to outperform their competitors in claiming rewards.

The planned date is June 17, 2024, and over 690,000 wallets are connected. Various crypto exchanges plan to list ZK token right after the airdrop. Therefore, the event in highly popular and anticipated.

zkSync airdrop critique, expectations, and GetBlock successes

Still, it has been criticized for unclear selection criteria, suspiciously high Sybil accounts share among the eligible wallets, and excessively long development of more than two years. However, many participants believe in token, which is indicated by the hype surrounding it.

GetBlock is ready to help all participants with its infrastructure. Before, it supported the STRK and ARB airdrops in 2023 and 2024, using its corresponding nodes. Having more than 50 blockchains available with crypto wallet integration, GetBlock strives to support Web3 developers and crypto traders worldwide in their endeavors.Users can claim zkSync nodes for free. Other GetBlock products include dedicated nodes for large-scale projects, which prices start from $600/month. With its unlimited number of blockchain requests and unlimited speed, they can support apps with thousands of users, ensuring high usability and performance.

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