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Leveraging Seamless Blockchain Infrastructure: Lossless Teams Up with GetBlock

By GetBlock | GetBlock News & Updates | 24 Aug 2023

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology, partnerships play a pivotal role in enhancing the capabilities and reach of various projects. In a move that underscores the significance of collaboration, Lossless, a groundbreaking player in the blockchain industry, has recently joined forces with GetBlock, a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure solutions. This strategic partnership promises to unlock new realms of efficiency and innovation within the blockchain ecosystem.

Lossless: Reinventing Blockchain Security

At the heart of this collaboration stands Lossless, a pioneering entity focused on redefining security measures within the blockchain sphere. One of Lossless’ paramount contributions is its introduction of an innovative security layer designed to shield handpicked projects and their communities from the perils of malicious attacks and the resulting financial losses. By incorporating this added layer of protection, Lossless sets out to revolutionize the very fabric of blockchain transaction security.

Central to Lossless’ approach is the ingenious Lossless protocol, which introduces an advanced layer of security for ERC-20 standard tokens. This strategic implementation serves as a powerful defense mechanism against the debilitating financial consequences brought about by smart contract exploits and the theft of private keys. With this protocol in place, Lossless is positioned to drive a significant reduction in the vulnerabilities inherent in blockchain transactions.

GetBlock’s Pioneering Infrastructure

GetBlock, on the other hand, has carved a niche for itself as a premier provider of blockchain infrastructure. Through its comprehensive APIs, the platform enables developers to seamlessly connect with over 50 different blockchain networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more. This streamlined access to diverse blockchain networks significantly accelerates development cycles, reduces technical barriers, and empowers developers to create a wide array of applications.
By integrating GetBlock’s reliable and efficient blockchain infrastructure, Lossless can further fortify its security mechanisms. This synergy grants Lossless the tools to expand its capabilities, enhance its services, and optimize its operations in safeguarding blockchain transactions.


The collaboration between Lossless and GetBlock signifies a pivotal moment in the pursuit of fortified blockchain security. With Lossless’ groundbreaking protocol and GetBlock’s robust infrastructure in harmony, the blockchain ecosystem stands to benefit from heightened protection against threats, exploits, and vulnerabilities. This partnership embodies the essence of collaborative innovation, showcasing how two specialized entities can combine their strengths to advance the security frontier of blockchain technology. As Lossless and GetBlock continue their collaborative journey, the entire blockchain community anticipates a future where security is not only paramount but also dynamically adaptable to the ever-evolving challenges of the digital landscape.

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GetBlock News & Updates
GetBlock News & Updates

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