Bitcoin Fall Moves Supporters

Bitcoin Fall Moves Supporters

By Emir Can | Gergous Article | 15 May 2020

Bitkoin suddenly slopes downward.

With the news of this, the supporters were delighted.




*According to information from various markets, peak fluctuations occurred when the price was around $ 9,000 in the morning, suggesting that the price would increase again.


In order to watch that the price of bitcoin has increased by about 30% in the test on the ones sold in BitMEX since May 11, the old tests need to be looked at again.





*Bitcoin, which has changed recently due to halfway, has risen above its own line.


*If Bitkoin remains immobile in these situations and rises above the average of about 1 month, the bulls will go up to $ 10,000.


If the bitcoin continues below the specified line, it can drop up to $ 8,000.




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Gergous Article

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