Altcoin incelemesi : Market PEAK platform

By Emir Can | Gergous Article | 10 May 2020

It is mentioned about the coinmarketcap listing and the exchanges it is traded on. In fact, we can call marketpeak an investment platform for financial technology projects.




  • It also aims to educate its users.

  • You can earn profit both by improving yourself and by investing.

  • It is an innovative platform that offers awards to the community.

  • It aims to bring together investors and companies.



*They stated that they would present the quality of the projects they published to the users.

*You can find technical documentation details on the site.




Their goal is to reach 1 peak coin over $ 1 towards the end of 2020.
You can see the photos and information of the managers on the market peak site.


*They have platforms to train their members.



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Gergous Article
Gergous Article

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