Bit2me, possible unicorn ready for take-off

Bit2me, possible unicorn ready for take-off

By georgemay | George May | 19 Jan 2022

Many of you already know it, but there is a new exchange on the market, and it promises to grow a lot and very fast.

Bit2me is an ecosystem that started operating in 2014 to become one of the leading exchanges in southern Europe. Right now it is ready to take off, after the launch of its B2M token (which by the way is very cheap and can give a lot of profit soon).

As an advantage compared to other bigger exchanges, they offer a personalised service, if you have a problem you just have to call them by phone. They strive to promote the crypto world and pave the way for mass adoption.

Just today they announced a partnership with HoubiGlobal, which will undoubtedly make them grow very quickly.

If you are not registered yet, I invite you to do it, and if you use this link you will get 5€ free with your first purchase over 100€.


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George May
George May

Amateur investor in the stock market, getting started in the world of cyptocurrencies.

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