End of an era

Past two years have been a downwards spiral. No let me rephrase that, it's been more like an endless free fall into nothingness. I've lost a lot that mattered to me, and then there was the Bitcoin crash.😂 You've got to stay positive I guess and I know it can be difficult sometimes. Everyone has different ways in dealing with these things but the effect is pretty much the same for most of us, when you permanently lose someone or something so close to you that had a major daily role in your life, you can be in one of the most crowded and busiest cities in the world and it still feels empty. You can be in a tropical climate in the middle of the day with the blazing sun blinding your eyes and burning your face and the world somehow still seems so much colder, so pointless and it's as if nothing makes sense anymore. I've been doing a lot of writing to clear my head and to try and keep busy, not just online but also in old school notebooks, one of the conclusions I inevitably came up with one day was how 'life is just a series of losses, and you're the grand finale'.

Most of those that are no longer with me were in my private circles but one who had a big impact on me and passed away last year was a rather well known figure who was somewhat disputed and definitely not 100% accurate on everything he said, but some of the facts and info he put out there was so informative and inspiring, it made me want to go out into the world and understand more, understand where the roots of something are and thus accurately pinpoint why we do things the way we do. I've mentioned something about this before when I briefly talked about the Zeitgeist series and how it inspired me to investigate and understand things for myself, rather than to blindly accept what I'm being told by someone else as an undisputed truth. It's this mentality which made me curious enough to question and verify for myself and by doing so literally come to no other conclusion that the bulk of what people are being told in their newspapers and TV is either just amateurishly incoherent or just flat out purposely factually incorrect. That being said, I guess I just want to celebrate their memories by mentioning this and sharing some of their wisdom and knowledge they passed on to me. So here they all are, represented in this post with some of the most interesting things I've either learned from them from afar, or things we studied and researched together:

A day consists very perfectly and precise of exactly 24 hours and the earth rotates around the sun in exactly 365 days. That's exactly 1440 minutes every day which means it takes the earth exactly 24 hours and 0 minutes to rotate all the way around it's axis, and 8760 hours until a year is complete i.e. a full cycle rotated around the sun. Very accurate and precise of the earth no? Yeah, no. A day on average has 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds. Which means every single day is rounded up to 24 hours by our way of tracking time, this causes us to 'miss' approximately 4 minutes on a daily basis throughout the year. Now here's where a lot of people make a logical error, they think we are granting ourselves more time by adding 4 minutes every day in order to round it up to 24, after all, if you're selling something for 0.99 cents and you round it up to 1 Euro for every sale, you are gifting yourself 0.01 cent right? Do this 100 times and you magically have 1 extra Euro. But that's from the perspective of the seller. The buyer i.e. us, is de facto missing 1 Euro after 100 transactions and that's precisely what's happening here, we are missing approximately 4 minutes every single day because we are claiming it's 24 hours while in fact it's on average 23 hours and 56 minutes, thus we are making each day longer than it actually is.

But the earth also takes 365.24 days to rotate around the sun, which we now round down do 365. Thus we have to eventually calculate and factor in all these inaccuracies in time, into our calendars. Taking all these differences into account and putting them in practice is what's called a leap year and why every 4 years in February we add an extra day to our calendar. Now this 23 hours 56 minutes average itself is not even precise, because it depends on what you define as "a day" since a solar day, mean solar day, stellar day and lunar day all vary in duration. But by adding 1 day to our calendar every 4 years, we prevent our clock from telling us years later that it's 2 a.m. at night while the sun is still shining brightly up there.

As simple as it is many people actually don't know that the seasons we have, are also directly an effect of the earth rotating around the sun. Because with the sun as the center, the earth is not exactly rotating on it's axis with the north pole pointing all the way upwards north, but like the Tower of Pisa with somewhat of a tilt where north is leaning more towards the sun during one half of the rotation, and away from the sun in the other half. This leaning is why we have seasons and why the northern and southern hemispheres have completely different seasons in the same months.


The Moon of January

Speaking of calendars, I've learned that the 'month' of February, July or all those other months are just modernized equivalents that are not based on what months or 'moons' originally were. What we call 'month of' was once upon a time known as the moon of, aka the moon of January. How does January have a moon you ask? Well it doesn't, but the constellations that are visible every night when the moon appeared, were noticed and consequently categorized by early astronomers and they began noticing that approximately every 30 days, the moon appeared in front of a different one. One time it appeared in front of the constellation Aquarius, hence it was the moon of Aquarius. The next 30 days the moon appeared in front of the constellation Pisces, so we were now in the moon Pisces. Moons and constellations became modern day months, hence the 'month of January', but there is of course no January and in these modern day months 2 different constellations appear at the first and second half of the 30 nights. This next part is disputed and I'm not sure how accurate it is, but basically speaking when they created the calendar and categorized all the 12 big constellations, they began noticing another constellation that was not as big as the other 12, but still not small enough to shrug off as irrelevant. This 13th constellation known as Ophiuchus ruined everything as their entire world was rotating around 12 and it all made sense, hence the theories as to why this may be the reason why number 13 is considered a misfortune aka the bad luck number.

The moon actually has a lot more effect on us than most know, even on the earth. The sun has a much stronger gravitational pull than the moon but the moon still has a huge effect on the ocean tides, especially during full moons which actually make the tides more rough/strong and if you know man is approximately 65% water, it's bound to effect us as well and make us more "rough and wild". That's what the fairy tales of the "werewolf" are based on you know, but of course they took it to the extreme and had the full moon literally transformed men into wild hairy beasts. The moon is also where the word "lun"atic comes from, back in medieval Europe they believed (or perhaps actually discovered I guess) that the moon was the reason why once sane and calm people suddenly behaved irrational and crazy. Guppies are also affected by the moon and no one knows exactly why, different phases of the moon (e.g. new moon, full moon) cause guppy fish to change certain colors on their colorful tails. I used to have some when I was little and they were sooooo relaxing to watch😌



The sun, stars and the moon also used to be our tracking tools. On land, ancient civilizations used to tell the direction on land by the stars in the sky. The sun was a tool to measure shadows on the ground and estimate how round the earth was by ancient Greeks. They noticed the shadow difference between objects in Syene and Alexandria and decided to investigate, based on this shadow difference and location of the two cities, they could calculate how round and big the earth was. Yeah, imagine that, the answers were available way back then yet here we are in 2023 and we have people who (again) firmly believe that the earth is flat. You can try it yourself, put a ruler in the ground at noon, measure the shadow and call someone who's about 800 kilometers down south and have him do the exact same at the exact time and you'll notice how the two shadow lengths of the two rulers aren't equal, which it of course should be on a flat surface. If that's too much work then you can just use the moon as a tool to view the shape of the earth's shadow and see if it's flat or round.😉


The End of the World

Now on to the more interesting stuff. Ever wonder why you were told that the "world will end in 2012"? It obviously didn't right? But it actually sort of did, just not "the world" as everyone incorrectly regurgitated all the time. There's something called "an age" but not referring to the historic periods such as "ice age" or "stone age", but astrological ages. These ages are roughly 2100 years and are categorized by the same 12 constellations we know throughout the year, but in reverse. So in the yearly order Pisces comes after Aquarius, but in the age order i.e. every 2100 years, Pisces appears first for approximately 2100 years and then it's Aquarius' age, which is the age we are in now btw ever since 21-12-2012. Ancient civilizations knew very well what was going on and therefore marked these dates and periods in their own wording, they may not have necessarily thought the world would cease to exist, but they very well knew the age of Pisces would end that day. So how do 'ages' end? Basically what's happening in our solar system and visible stars, is that if you stand on the equator and look east, on the first day of spring you'll see the sun rise under the exact same constellation for 2100 years. I don't know exactly how far back this goes and who the first ones were to categorize this, but before the age of Pisces people could for 2100 years see the sun rise on this day under the constellation Aries. 

So it was a rather unique time to be alive during the historic event as the age of Pisces officially ended and we entered 'the age of Aquarius' like the song said😉, yet no one on any mainstream platform took the time and effort to explain what was really going on and basically just made it sound like another Y2K scenario. Some of you familiar with constellations most likely already noticed the logic behind the date as December 21st is the day the monthly constellation ends, in this month Sagittarius ends and come December 22 it's the start of Capricorn, but Capricorn is as always spread throughout December and January, meaning it is also spread throughout 2 years. Back then it was the current (2012) and next year (2013) so what this means is that 21 December 2012 was the very last time in 2100 years that the sun set in the age of Pisces in the year 2012.

Now I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, even though I'm wise enough to know that to most people I probably come off as one😉 but didn't it strike you odd the pope back then "unexpectedly resigned" one year later in exactly the last moon/month of Pisces in 2013?

Scientist are only just now beginning to understand how the Mayan calendar was interrelated with all the (visible) planets and on what time cycle. But there has been this paper trail on how our modern days are all named based on the visible objects in our solar system which early astronomers in the 3000 B.C. Sumerian civilization could see and categorized with the naked eye. A lot of which can be found in the translation to Latin (and Spanish), like how Saturday aka Sabado/Saturni is the day of Saturn, planeta Saturno. Tuesday is Martes, the day of Mars, planeta Marte. Moonday is Monday i.e. Lunes, Miercoles or the Latin Mercurii is Wednesday, the day of Mercury aka Mercurio. Jueves is Thursday aka Jupiter. Viernes/Veneris is Friday aka the day of Venus. Sunday speaks for itself, the day of the sun and if you know how most of Christianity is based on ancient solar religions, it is only natural that this day will be their holy day aka Domingo in Spanish, which literally translates to "the lord's day."


Gold rush 1849 vs. Bitcoin rush 2017

Alright, enough of this ancient astro stuff. Let's see how the teachings are relevant to crypto. Did you know that during the gold rush of 1849, people were paying up to 100 Dollars just for a glass of water? This is very, very similar to the crypto rush. Many people are just leeching off the success and craze for Bitcoin, I remember back in the day seeing ridiculous stuff like 20 Euro "official Bitcoin key chain" which people actually bought. But despite the craze and opportunities it wasn't gold that created the world's first billionaire, it was oil. JD Rockefeller was officially the worlds first billionaire and it all started 20 years after the gold rush in 1870 when he founded his Standard Oil Company. Wow, so energy created the world's first billionaire huh? I'm glad it ended there and people aren't massacring each other over some egocentric craze over oil and other energy sources for the sake of power and money today. We sure dodged a bullet there, all our wars and troubles today are because of "human rights and democracy".🙃













Monkey People

No, not like in those weird and ridiculous ape planet movies, but in mentality and programming. This next part is so interesting as to how the brain and group thinking/behavior works I often think about it when seeing a herd of people all sharing, retweeting and yelling one and the same thing which most of the time is either factually inaccurate or makes zero sense. Behold and read this "monkey experiment" for a minute:


Wow, amazing revelations here, so people, don't be a monkey and be sure to share this info with your friends, like, retweet, follow and leave a thumps up. And if you do so, you are the monkey because the experiment never happened. Well, not in the way and with the conclusive result the writer told people. It's just an exaggerated fantasy of some writer who's book named 'Competing For The Future' snowballed into a misinfo avalanche. What actually happened were a series of experiments where the monkeys were blasted with air, in one occasion (one group of monkeys) the monkeys indeed did pull the new monkey away, but the three other experiments (three different groups of monkeys) actually had an opposite effect. Meaning that in three separate cases the new monkey was either ignored or actually encourage by the others to give it another try. But hey, if he had written it that way his book would probably sell a lot less copies right?🍌

Another one I still often see when scrolling by is the old 'eating spiders' claim. Numerous different images and texts that say "on average a person will eat 'X number' of spiders in their sleep." I forgot the exact number and honestly don't even care to look it up again. The first time I saw it and looked it up I found it was an online research/social experiment in the early days of internet forums and social media to see how fast and far disinfo would travel. So you can rest assure, not only are you not eating spiders in your sleep, but I am sure it ended there and they are not using this technique to purposely and more effectively spread other forms of disinformation to you online today.🧐

Ohhh but two can play at that game. You know what would be a cool counter-narrative? If I started rumors how this spider hoax was in fact an assignment the CIA had them carry out in order to see how they could influence people to share false narratives online and use this technique to create trouble and unrest in non-friendly countries. I promise you this would reach the same level of shares and retweets as their spider story if not for the fact that this time their "social" media would take action and flag it as misinfo as they suspended the source.😂


Now in closing, and this is going to be difficult to put to words but I'll try: Einstein used to say that "if you can't explain it to someone simply, then you don't understand it well enough yourself", but it seems as though the quote today would cite "if you can't explain it to someone simply, then you won't get clicks and ad revenue". Why? Because asides from accidentally misinforming, we nowadays also have many people who are not even trying to explain it simply but are solely aiming for clicks and views by use of short and more hyped up reporting. Translation: With sheer nonsense and disinfo. You remember that part about how the Monkey experiment writer worded it so that everyone could understand, easily remember it and thought it was cool to share and repeat to others? It was completely incoherent to the actual findings and factually incorrect, but sadly enough that's what works, that's what sells and that's what matters to many. I know many dozed off half way through this post and either didn't understand or were looking for the YouTube Shorts or TikTok version of info i.e. in less than a minute, and when they saw the equivalent of a book quickly ran away🏃, much like how many would click away from behind their TV if someone were to explain the 'end of the world' saga in full detail yet those very same people would sit there and watch the fear mongering and then go stock up on bottled water and canned foods or whatever. What I'm trying to say is don't let them appeal to your emotions and explain hundreds of years in history in a matter of minutes. I truly believe this is why having that "DYOR" mentality is crucial and that I had it with crypto because it was fundamentally apart of me way before Bitcoin. Yeah I guess that's what I'm trying to say, take info and claims the way you would take someone shilling you Safemoon or a 100% ROI crypto lending platform or whatever. I know for some that (still) means dive into it head first without looking, but I hope that by now, the vast majority of us will take the time to question more and verify based on our own findings and judgement.

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Geo-Political & Economical developments
Geo-Political & Economical developments

Things are almost never as they seem. If you sincerely think that world powers would spend their money and resources in order to just "help" citizens from foreign nations, you might want to ask yourself why they've been neglecting and out right murdering their own citizens for decades. What are their true motives for wanting to fund foreign (terror) groups, start global confrontations and wars? I'll let you in on a little secret; It has NOTHING to do with "human rights" nor "democracy".

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