Did Twitter/X shadowban non-verified crypto users because of too many scams?

No one will deny that crypto scams are out of control lately on "X". Nowadays you can't even search for e.g. updates on the LayerZero airdrop without being confronted with a dozen scam posts in the first/top search results.

But is disadvantaging all crypto accounts the answer? I'm not saying that's what is being done, but do you frequently post about crypto over there? Then chances are your account will not be displayed as a "normal" user on Botsentinel, a platform specifically developed to detect scam/untrustworthy accounts on Twitter and rank them from "normal" to "problematic" based on the type of content/language they Tweet about. As a matter of fact, if you frequently talk about crypto chances are you will not even be recognized as a Twitter user at all. You simply can not be detected, which is the exact result you'd get if you just randomly type something and check a fake non-existent account.


So is this done to all crypto accounts? No, larger/verified accounts like the real LayerZero, Saylor or CZ are still able to be found and rated properly.


But not all verified account are automatically exempt. You can also not find this scamming LayerZero verified account with +30K followers:


But in the words of crypto legend Mattos: 'That's a scam!'


So why should regular crypto accounts that do not have high interaction/large following be treated the same as scam accounts? Is this the 'guilty until proven innocent' tactic? And who exactly is practicing this tactic? Is this due to Twitter/X policies or is Botsentinel itself excluding these accounts from their own searches? I tried getting answers from both before writing this, but with no response from either it's sort of difficult to pinpoint what exactly is going on. But what's for sure is that smaller non-crypto accounts are being displayed and rated properly based on their activity. And to answer the title question, none of the smaller crypto accounts are automatically shadowbanned as the shadowban tester can still find them and display them properly, which sort of puts our suspicion and the spotlight on this Botsentinel.

So what exactly are they? "Bot Sentinel is a free platform developed to detect and track trollbots and untrustworthy Twitter accounts that uses machine learning." Yeah yeah, but who's behind it? Ahh the plot thickens. Who created this "Botsentinel" exactly? Well, a known crypto scammer by the name of Christopher Bouzy who has about three separate lawsuits against him as we speak. I'm not all that familiar with him to be honest, but apparently he started the BlackCoin scam way back in 2014.



Hmm OK, that's definitely a suspicious link. But what can we conclude after all this? Well, we know that it's not a shadowban per se and that it's not even sure if Twitter is the side actually causing this, but someone is somehow excluding crypto accounts from something. Hope that cleared things up.😂

No seriously though, a crypto scammer running an analytical site that labels who is and isn't 'trustworthy' and now mysteriously excludes crypto accounts? Yeah, totally not sus. Here's a bot for this Bouzy guy:


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Geo-Political & Economical developments

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