Bitcoin; The champion of altcoins, the king of stablecoins, the nr. 1 in bullruns

The circle is complete. If you opted for some of the billions of altcoins out there, even if you opted for many of the stablecoins, you would have actually lost value as oppose to Bitcoin or the Dollar. Wait, what? Yes repeat it till you truly understand it. Bitcoin outperformed both alts and proved to be more reliable than stablecoins in 2022/3 in what surely will be looked back at as truly unprecedented times.


Sure unlike others, USDC and DAI manage to repeg but at what cost? What's the point of "stablecoins" now that it's proven on numerous occasions that you can lose value yet never make it? It should thus not exactly come as a surprise that Bitcoin outperformed many alts in this bull run and you'd probably made a handsome profit if you (accidentally) converted some of your alts to Bitcoin. I say "accident" because I did so since I expected a mini-crash and stacked up on BTC at the expense of some altcoins to prevent/minimize value loss, but it turns out it the opposite happened with Bitcoin leading the run.😂

I can finally share my 'Giorgio meets Bitcoin' meme now and have it make sense.😃 Even though no one is Giorgio-ing anymore.☚ī¸

But what goes up, must come down. Yes a lot of separate developments (which may or may not be related) triggered this run.

Only question is when? Well, not really. You can not time these things perfectly and over the years I've learned to be happy with gradually taking gains and slowly but surely converting it. Yes by converting some BTC back to alts I lost value the past 36 hours as Bitcoin keeps outperforming the rest, but this way I at least do not have to pseudo-science my way into answering the question on exactly which hour things will turn. I realized how difficult that was back in 2020 when Coinmarketcap had the competition to guess on the hour when Bitcoin would break it's 2017 ATH and win like 1 Bitcoin or something for first place and 0.10 BTC for second, I forgot exactly how much but it was a lot for a free-to-enter competition. You could literally resubmit your guess if your predicted hour passed and Bitcoin was still sub-20K. I think I reentered like five times and you had three time slots you could choose each time you entered and I still didn't get close to the right hour. I think I didn't even get the actual day right if I remember correctly, never mind the actual hour.😅

So yeah, that's it I guess, use your mind and don't let greed or brain dead people with a camera dubbed "influencers" get in the way of your sound judgement.



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Geo-Political & Economical developments
Geo-Political & Economical developments

Things are almost never as they seem. If you sincerely think that world powers would spend their money and resources in order to just "help" citizens from foreign nations, you might want to ask yourself why they've been neglecting and out right murdering their own citizens for decades. What are their true motives for wanting to fund foreign (terror) groups, start global confrontations and wars? I'll let you in on a little secret; It has NOTHING to do with "human rights" nor "democracy".

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