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UPLAND : From Visitor to being an Uplander

By Count Dracula | Gentle Monster | 25 Feb 2021

So basically, I didn't had any knowledge on what UPLAND is until I saw the contest  going on at publish0x called Uplandpublish0x writing contest and giveaway.


  As I am very new to Publish0x , I had to learn a lot on the rules and regulation and was thinking to apply for being an Author here.  

But it was not until I saw that pinned article. And that article really attracted me and made me to give it a try.  


The day I saw the pinned article I jumped on to apply for an Author . So this might be my first Article here.   Okay Lots of back story, Lets begin with the main topic.



  UPLAND ! What is it? And why such a big contest is being held on this topic   Its very simple to explain Upland in two words : Virtual World   Yes Exactly . Upland is a Virtual world based on true locations of earth along with real addresses on the map.  

As a matter of fact and a Good news Many of us who might not be really landlords in real world do have a chance to Begin their journey at UPLAND and be the owner of the Biggest EMPIRE you imagined of when you were a kid.


  OH REALLY! Now its driving me inside.  

Okay so I will guide you step by step on how to do so step by step  


1. Get yourself registered at Upland    You have to register yourself at upland to be the part of the community. As you register you get UPX coins as bonus by the help of which you can buy your first property.  

If you sign up with my referral link you will get a double bonus, Earlier it was 6000UPX but now its 4500UPX that you will receive which is equal to 4.5$ as a bonus.

Hi! Check out Upland, a virtual property trading game. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase   Sounds good RIGHT!  


2. As you have now registered select a block explorer for yourself.    So now you will have to have a block explorer for yourself so that you can see your position and this block explorer will represent you in the blockchain.  

3. Have some UPX coins.    UPX coins are the ingame currency that you will need in order to buy the land for sale. So as mentioned earlier you will receive 4500 UPX as bonus when you register under my link which will be enough to buy a property at SAN FRANCISCO,   Or you can also buy them at store for 5000 UPX at 4.99$.  


4. Mint your first property and slowly keep on growing.  

 So now you have to explore the lands that haven't been minted yet. To find it your block explorer needs to be around that area and you can click on the lands to see whether they are available for sale or not.   For your comfort I can advice you to look for those plots which are light green and are small in size , so that will help you buy a plot at smaller price and you will learn a lot in return.   After that if you wish, you can buy more UPX coins.  

5. Upgrade yourself.  So as you register You will be a VISITOR who has to renew his VISA every 7 days and failing to do so might lead your Account to be deleted.

SO to prevent that you can invest some money in buying some UPX atleast 10$ worth of UPX so that you get promoted to UPLANDER and you will not have to worry again.  

You will be a Uplander who has the right to Buy and Sell the properties without any limit other than UPX limit.   And as you buy your first plot, it will be recorded in the blockchain and you will start receiving your earnings from the plot, which you can collect every 3 hours or at your ease.    

So as you Mint your first property you will get a collection that will give you bonus UPX coins and as you keep on growing the Fun along with finances keeps on growing rapidly.  


Again a reminder, Do register with my link to get 4500UPX coin and  buy your first plot right away.   Hi! Check out Upland, a virtual property trading game. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase    



A small but genuine TIP: Please do not panic if you are new and do not find any Plot below your budget, Keep on searching and Trust me you will get one soon. Infact I too am a new user and haven't acquired any plot yet but am searching and believe will grab a good plot soon.        


  This ends my article,

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