My voyage to cryptocurrency : A good lesson for beginners

By Count Dracula | Gentle Monster | 27 Feb 2021

How I started

To be honest,when I began my journey in the vast ocean of cryptocurrency,I was a little bit cynical.I mean how are you supposed to trust in a currency that isn't even there,the  so called virtual currency which exists only as numbers in a system totally alien concept to most of us called block-chain technology.

So, then I began to do some research on it and found out it's actually a pretty cool system which practically protects your crypto monetary asset from harms like government interference and control since it is out of their jurisdiction and because it is recorded by a vast pool of people and the best part is you can too keep a record of it and evaluate it for yourself.

And as I went on digging deeper, what I discovered is that although it has quite debatable background but guess what,every body's and everything's got their critics and cryptocurrency is more likely to rise as the best ever conceived currency than fail.


As a matter of fact cryptocurrencies found their popularity and acceptability and now are being used around most part of the globe lately  and is continuously on the rise thanks to all of its pros like:


*Easy transactions

*Strong security

*Hold ownership

*Give access to credit

*Low transaction fee

*Asset transfers

*Confidential transactions

How ever you should be aware of some of the cons of cryptocurrencies like:

*Volatile nature

*Massive fluctuation

*No intrinsic value


*Game theory

*Unnecessary lengthy record


Anyway, according to my research and experience,cryptocurrency is a great place to invest if You consider long term vision.As you know everything's got their pros and cons so, you really need to do some research and be sure what you're doing.But don't fret,that is why I'm here right. Hahaha. I'll cover all the heavy lifting for you.I'll be your guide in your quest through the realm of cryptocurrency.


A great tip for beginners:

The best part is you can achieve a lot in cryptocurrency without spending even a single penny.Begin by creating a trusted crypto wallet and start accumulating your very own crypto using some crypto faucets that provide crypto for absolutely free.

Here's a great step by step process to begin with:

Start accumulating at:


Here you just need to spare a few minutes surfing ads and you will be generating your own cryptocurrency. ( only 5 minutes of your day)











Now that you know how to earn, you'll need a safe place to store it right.So, I'll cover that in my next article and show you how to do it like a pro.


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