Bet Fury: A legit furious gamble and earn machine

By Count Dracula | Gentle Monster | 28 Feb 2021


First of all,what is Bet fury?

Well technically speaking, it is the first social i-gaming platform but to say in short, honestly, it is a wild money earning quest because you'll go wild once you start earning on it while having a lot of fun.

Trust me .

Now, how exactly are you gonna earn cryptocurrency on Bet Fury?

Well,hold your breath because there are a lot of methods of earning in Bet Fury.

And I have been using Bet Fury for quite a while now and I still can't believe just how much money you can make so easily.

So, buckle up because  I am going to teach you how.


And you will be earning in just two simple steps


create an account and log in

you can check it out here:



Earn blazing hot cryptocurrency

As simple as that


Wait, I know you are probably confused about the big question HOW?


Well here are the HOWs

  • You can gamble and earn about 10 satoshis every 20 minutes playing on autobet which is kinda passive income and you won't have to do anything that makes it around 600 satoshis if you can just check out  every 20 minutes for 10 hours and there are tons of games you can enjoy playing and earning like dice,limbo and other casino games etc. Here's the best part: Even if you lose ,you will receive a cash back of 25%
  • Once you have accumulated a fair amount of cryptocurrency,you can just stake it and keep on earning passively every week/month whichever you choose with an interest rate of upto 100%. I know it seems too good to be true but trust me IT IS TRUE.
  • You can earn a fair amount of 35% by referring it to your friends n family or whomever.
  • You can earn from promotions.
  • You can also receive bonus every once in a while.
  • You can also deposit your money via credit card or other payment methods and stake n earn.

It allows some cryptocurrencies like BTC, BNB, ETH, TRX, USDT, BTT, SUN and its two inbuilt cryptocurrencies BFG(BTC) and BFG(TRX)


And last but not the least and the BEST PART:

Right now there is an offer going around which consists of two boxes:

  • Free BNB box 
  • Free box

So, these boxes will be automatically accumulating free BNB and BTC which is right now in 2x mode and all you'll have to do is just withdraw them and they will be collected in your account. And once it reaches a certain amount of 0.00500000 BNB then you can buy a digital box or other boxes and stake them for 30 days and  just relax and earn passive interest of 100% per month.

Here you go. Now you know everything about earning in Bet Fury.

And honestly I don't think if there's any easier and fun way of earning cryptocurrency than this.

But remember this 2x offer is only viable for 3 days and 06 hours more.

So go on wild and smash n grab your money.


Hope this article has been helpful to you guys and  hope you liked it too.

And if you have any queries or opinions you wold like to share are very welcome and will be very helpful.

Hope you enjoyed it and I will be back with more wonderful articles. And don't forget to follow me so you won't miss anything.


Till then




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