Yielding multiple streams of income with DeFi pt 2 How to use Zapper.fi in 4 easy steps

We have seen some crazy stuff these last few weeks with the crypto markets especially with these "food protocols" like #SushiSwap and the anonymous chef.  d85664a46302d4d4f315740b86100cd4ccd71683e2b33de77e933f60a4c38d90.jpeg

These projects protocols have not been thoroughly audited and have lured uninformed investers to slaughter.  The anonymous founder with less than  a couple of weeks of exposure and NO track record has scared off more people from DeFi and crypto.  I thought it was a great time to write part 2 of yield farming with Defi.  

Zapper.fi is a Defi platform that has been thoroughly audited and is battlefield tested.  Zapper is great for those on the run and for beginners by making it super easy to monitor your transactions and providing one of the best ways to get a serious bang for your buck.  If you are already a hodler of the tried and true cryptos such as BTC and Ethereum and you want to maximize your holdings than this is great for you.  I have been using this platform for some time now and I am earning about 45% APY.   All this is done by connecting your wallet to Zapper.fi and providing liquidity in the yETH vault.  How this works is there is something called  yETH money robots.  These money robots take the ETH in the vault and open a Maker CDP to mint DAI at a 200% collaterization ratio.  It then takes the DAI  and deposits it into the Curve finances Y Pool to farm CRV which is the native token and compounds your returns. 

Blockfi is another way to earn a 4.5% on some Ethereum.  However, this is not a DeFI platform and is a good option for those who aren't so sure about the whole DeFi movement.  I have connected my bank account, made a few deposits and am currently earning a fair 4.5% on some ETH. 

, If you are already holding BTC than earning up to 48% APY is a easy and rewarding with yEarns sBTC vault.  The sBTC vault leverages Curve finance and farms the field with your idle BTC.  However, the BTC has to be on Ethereum so keep this in mind.  This too is done with yEarns money robots by maximizing your Curve rewards and compounding your BTC.  Using Zapper.fi has been the fastest and easiest way to get into yielding serious returns at a lower risk.  

So the Zapper.fi process is very easy and straightforward using Ethereum.  Tracking your vault earnings and other high yielding opportunities directly with the Zapper dashboard by connecting your ETH wallet. 

     1.  Head over to the Zapper.fi website and connect your wallet

     2.  Once connected, click on the "invest" tab

     3.  Now here, you will be able to view your existing pools as well as looking for new high yielding opportunities.  You will need to scroll down and                      search yEarn in the "Explore opportunities"  search bar

     4.  Click "confirm" on Zapper and confirm all of the transactions through your wallet.  

That is it.  Once your transaction is verified on ETH, you've made a deposit into yEarn vault you will be on your way to decent returns.

All in all, Zapper has helped me in the process of getting into yieldfarming and earning consistent returns with crypto that is sitting idle in my Atomic wallet.  Now, my money is working for me and not some centralized bank with a 0.08% interest.  Those days are over....


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