The Power Of Positive Thinking

By QueenGG | General Writing | 2 May 2021

Success starts with you, it starts with the thoughts you encourage in your mind.


Christopher Columbus knew it. Thomas Edison lived it. Michael Dell and Bill Gates believe it. And Marcus Aurelius said it, ""Our life is what our thoughts make of it... A man's true greatness lies in the consciousness of an honest purpose in life, founded on a just estimate of himself... "

The formula to positive thinking is quite simple.

1-What you manifest becomes reality!

Say to yourself every day positive thoughts.
Repeat- I will be successful, I will get that new job, I will make six figures, I will be the best person I can.

Speak positivity into your life, words are powerful!

People who are successful and happy are people who have mastered the art of change. They are not afraid to revisit their prior actions and approach their goal differently so that they are NOT acting in the same way while expecting different results. They are not afraid to move out of their comfort zones. Rather, they understand that in order for growth to occur, they must have the courage to live outside their comfort zones.

2-What you act on, you manifest!

Any action you take results in some consequence. Every action in the universe is met with an equal reaction. Whether you are starting a conversation with a stranger, trying to learn new things, or simply looking at the food in your pantry, any action you take regarding these things WILL RESULT in a tangible "re-action".

3- What you believe, you act on!

The action begins with and is instigated by, belief. You can not act on something that you do not, at some level, believe in, whether you are in favor of, or in opposition to, a particular idea or ideal, that position is held firm by your belief.

Success is no secret that is available only to an elite few. It is available to everyone, all the time. It is the certainty of the power that you possess - the power of your own beliefs to create and manifest your own personal paradigm; you success paradigm.

So I ask you, what is your paradigm? What Do You Believe?


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General Writing

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