exchange 1UP using Altilly

exchange 1UP using Altilly

By ryosuke | Genaralities | 9 Dec 2020


There are so many exchanges that list 1UP such as Altilly, and uniswap in this one I'm going to show you how to exchange 1UP using Altilly so without further ado let's proceed

The first step is to login to your Altilly account if you don't have one create it, it is really easy. After logging in go to balance as shown in the picture below

you will be direct the another page as depicted below all you have to do is search for search for uptrennd then click on it

After searching for it click on uptrennd and a popup window will appear, now you need to send the funds you have to this latter just click on deposit

After clicking deposit this latter will give the address copy and past it in your wallet where you have 1UP

After depositing the funds you have click on markets and then type 1UP in search bar and hit enter you will get the following results click on the one that suits you for example I'm interested in exchanging my 1up to BTC the following pic demonstrates it


you will be directed to the following page scroll down a little bit. as you can see we want to sell 1up so we are interested in the right box where you can sell it

also make sure you selected the tab Limit order because market order charge you with really high fees as shown in the picture. You can always use market order this latter allows to exchange your currency immediately but as I said it charge you with high fees

the next thing to do is to know the price of BTC or ETH in the given currency(which is 1UP) i will suggest coingecko its great and easy to use just type 1up in the search bar and select 1up, as you can see it highlights the prices of BTC and ETH under the value of 1up


now all you have to do is to enter the amount of 1up you want to sell for example 5000 next enter the price of BTC (I selected BTC earlier so I'm saying BTC you can enter ETH price of you chose it) now you can enter the same price as depicted in the previous picture or just put a higher one and then hit the sell button and wait for someone who will buy your 1up

now after completing all the aforementioned steps you can withdraw your funds to a platform that will change it to USD or EURO for example I use uphold or you can choose the one like


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