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By ryosuke | Genaralities | 13 Mar 2021

In the CPU and GPU industry there are three companies that are involved in the production of these latter which are AMD, Intel, and Nvidia. Well in the past two years AMD played first fiddle in the CPU industry and succeeded to dislodge Intel from the road after ten years of dominance, unfortunately it was not the case for the GPU field but to say the least AMD is going at it hammer and tongs in order for it to compete with Nvidia toe to toe. In this blog I'm going to talk about the CPUs and GPUs produced in this year by AMD aka team red and show you all their bells and whistles so with no further ado let's proceed.
1- CPUs :
These new generation of CPUs comes with a completely different design than the older one but with 7nm TSMC. The new microarchitecture called the Zen 3 which has some enhancements over the previous one such as new core layout and cache topology empowered the Ryzen 5000 CPUs to acquire 19% boost to instructions per cycle (IPC), 2X faster access to L3 cache and 2.4X performance per watt which finally allowed AMD to take the crown from Intel in the single- and multi-threaded workloads and the 1080p gaming performance and content creations. The next image shows a benchmark between Intel and AMD CPU which shows that AMD completely obliterated Intel in the field of games

AMD announced a couples of CPUs at the end of the last year in the last CES which I'm going to detail them in this section. AMD launched a variety of desktop CPUs, starting from Ryzen 5600X to Ryzen 5950X, as the following images shows AMD launched four CPUs but we anticipate more to come in the coming days. The only difference to notice is the prices where they escalated by 50$ over the previous generation.


What really astonish me and left me speechless is the performance these CPUs delivers without even going beyond 105 TDP especially the Ryzen 9 5950X which have 16CORE under the hood, in contrast of their competitors Intel which have a tendency to consume more power to reach the desired performance.
Coming to GPUs, AMD launched several graphic cards too, called Radeon Navi RX6000, it has a completely new design and architecture from the ground up. The new architecture called RDNA2 which enable these latter to get a high performance compute unit, revolutionary infinite cache and other prodigious features under its sleeves which empowered it to attain higher frequencies (50% better performance per watt and 30% frequency increase over the past generation).
The graphic cards that AMD launched are three which are RX6800, RX6800XT and RX6900XT aka Big Navi which is set to compete with Nvidia's beast GPU the 3090, all of them come with different specs, the price range starts from 579$ up to 999$.


all of this and AMD couldn't get Nvidia off of the road because Nvidia has more advanced features such as Ray tracing core gen 2 and DLSS and with Intel entering the GPU field the battle will get more intense and ferocious.

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