Steemit Problems

By gduran | gduran | 30 Jun 2019

I know that a lot of people here on Publish0x are members of Steemit, some are still active there and I guess some aren't. Right now the big issue at Steemit is the upcoming Hardfork 21, what has the people on edge is the implementation of the following:

50/50 Curation

Rewards in a new linear curve model

A Downvote pool


Personally I think the three ideas are not of much use and could drive Steemit even to lower depths than it is at right now, of course the hardfork has not been implemented nor is there a date for it yet, but that it will come is guaranteed. Now most people with whom I interact there are against it as they see these changes as just ways of eliminating the smaller accounts and leaving most of the reward pool for the bigger accounts. Now the elimination of accounts actually started with HF20 which caused a lot of problems to Steemit I foresee even greater problems with 21.

I do like Steemit a lot, how could I not, it was actually the first place where I was able to actually withdraw money from. I had some $370.00 there doing nothing and I figured I would see if it was possible to receive that money here in Honduras, so I used to transfer my Steem to exchanging them for BTC along the way. Once in localbitcoin I contacted a buyer and he was interested so we did the transaction. The guy sent me the money via Western Union at night I had no way of knowing if he had actually sent it but I still gave the transaction the go ahead, anyway it was money that I didn't feel I could be getting my hands on. Well the next day I went to WU and yes it was there. It was actually a nice amount of cash and I had made it on the internet just by writing, a really great feeling.

And it was all because, even though I am a lousy writer and was even worse back then, I decided to write small articles on Steemit. I can tell you I was hooked, and I just continued writing more than before, I have never actually gotten a big audience at Steemit, mainly because my posts mostly suck, but still the community did give me votes along the way and I have cashed out several times, money that really has come in handy.

And now I have joined a lot of sites similar to Steemit and expect to have results just as good or better than at Steemit, better because I guess I know way more now and one of the things I know is that getting to a higher level on any platform is very important so that is what I am working on right now.

But back to Steemit, the platform right now is not in a good shape, Steem's price is not good, there are many internal problems and this hardfork doesn't bode well, I hope things do improve as it would be a pity to see the platform just fade away, I think it does deserve to remain, helping people out as it has helped me.

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