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By gduran | gduran | 15 Nov 2021

Rollercoin is a mining game, you play games and earn hash rate and can mine different Crypto. You can buy miners which make it easier to make more money, you can buy with money you make on the game or you can just send some Crypto to tour site wallet and buy your miners and make more money the easier way.


I have made a few hundred thousand Satoshis over time and have also used my money to buy miners, I am a low hash rate guy so I don't really get much but the games are actually fun. But now they have, as all of these types of programs a fast track venture where you get miners for buying a pass, free members can also get some goodies just not as good as the paying members.


This was Ok  until this season when they changed the rules, the games you can get points for free stuff changed and now you have to have skills to win these games, you have to win 40 games and each win makes the next round harder, For me this is very difficult, I am 60 which in itself is a handicap and on top of that I have elemental tremor and anxiety so it is extremely hard for me to reach the targets,  Cryptonoid I can handle the other three point makers I can not reach the goal, so I think freebies are out for me. Also it has its own token, Roller Token of course.


This site has been around for quite a while, is legit and you can actually make some money on it,if you want to join this is my link, use it or just join directly, you might just like the site,

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