A Hot Saturday

A Hot Saturday

By gduran | gduran | 9 May 2020


It is an entirely uneventful day here, the streets are empty, what you see in the picture is the city's main street, so just imagine how the other streets must be. I am kind of awed by how the streets are, you know this particular street was just always full of taxis, our taxis are all white with a small purple stripe plus the number. Well you had to be on the lookout for them because they used to maneuver them like crazy, that is over for now, they aren't even allowed on the streets.

Our Corona virus numbers have sky rocketed, we are now at the over one hundred a day level, just one week ago we only had between 0 and 30 cases daily, not any more. And we have proportionately the worst testing in the world out of every three tests one comes out positive, somehow I believe these government reports are not true.

I know everyone gives reasons for faking case numbers on the high side in most countries and in the low side in China, but in my country, Honduras by the way, it appears the corona virus is a last minute opportunity for the president to cling to power, he has an accusation in a NY court for drug dealing and I guess he is scared. According to social media a report from his political advisor JJ Rendon, a Venezuelan living in Miami, instructs him to fake as many cases as possible and to give out aid in the form of food so the people will see him a s a savior and the only one who can put things right.

Of course this report could be a fake, but it is funny how the very day it surfaced numbers started to multiply, quite a rare coincidence. In the meantime we have to go on with this lock down, which in case the government numbers are real is not working, because despite the lock down, cases are multiplying by doubling at least daily. So what use is the lock down? At the rate we are going in three weeks we will have at least 20,000 a day and we cant possibly handle that.

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