The value of ETH transfers higher than BTC

The value of ETH transfers higher than BTC

By Gamma | Gamma | 9 Sep 2020

The record value of ETH 

The record value of transactions in ETH reached 3.15 billion dollars on September 6, against 2.94 billion dollars for the BTC a crazy increase in trade currently the situation has calmed down and the BTC has begun to regain the upper hand ...

There is currently trade worth 2.37 billion dollars for Bitcoin, and ETH transfers that collected 1.82 billion dollars.
We can also see that the average price of transaction fees on the ETH blockchain is higher than those of Bitcoin...


Where does this increase come from?

Many hypotheses are in favor of DeFI, which during the year 2020 has experienced an unprecedented increase, especially during the summer.

The price of ETH has already suffered a fall this week. It has lost 37% of its value in a few days...


Without forgetting the Forsage scam, which alone has generated an abnormal percentage of transactions during the same period, thus increasing costs for the entire network.



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