Stellar: $550,000 investment in SatoshiPay

Stellar: $550,000 investment in SatoshiPay

By Gamma | Gamma | 9 Sep 2020

An investment, a donation or a loan?

SatoshiPay offers cross-border money transfer and instant micropayment services on the blockchain.

SatoshiPay's goal is to make blockchain transactions in a matter of seconds.

but do not see it as a donation from the Stellar Foundation to the SatoshiPay payment company but rather as a loan.

According to several statements of the Stellar Foundation it will not have control over the decisions and directives of the payment company but this raises the question that it is probably very interesting for the Stellar Foundation to make a partnership with SatoshiPay and maybe even to take control of it over time.

The price of Stellar was stable since the beginning of 2019 but it currently tends to follow the market and lose value.


The XLM has potential but it is not well known or little used, although it has a bright future in the blockchain video game industry.


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