More than 10,000 ATM bitcoin dispensers around the world

More than 10,000 ATM bitcoin dispensers around the world

By Gamma | Gamma | 20 Sep 2020

An increasing number of ATMs around the world

In 2017, the number of bitcoin distributors was approximately less than 2'000 in 2018 this figure doubled to reach 4'000 while currently in 2020 we have more than 10'000 ATM which is mostly located in the United States and Canada.


This is a good sign for the future of Bitcoin and crypto-money in general, it could help the promotion and accessibility of the ecosystem, but it is not to say that it will become too complicated because we have already seen a wave of KYC on online exchanges, but is it going to happen again with ATMs?

We can also observe that many of them are often in stores or bars but it is rarer to have access to bitcoin ATMs directly in the street as we can see for paper money.


Different companies are trying to take more and more market share in this new vein that looks promising.


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